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EPIC ELF 3 is in the works!

Hundreds of years later, Dagree (the dark elf) now has a daughter (Colada) that he must protect from the hired hunters sent to destroy her. Colada, being a human-elf hybrid, has yet to discover her true self. To make matters worse, Dagree has fallen ill to a strange virus and thus explains his new pale skin look.

Huge cast of enemies to fight so battles remain fresh!
No small talk with characters! Keeps the action going!
Heavy bass soundtrack with many battle tunes! Oh yeah!
Easy to pick up and play! With no installments either!

DAGREE uses swords, blades, and holy magic. As you progress deep in the land of Epic Elf 3, you can find weapon upgrades that increases abilities and buy new skills that fit the bill! His special ability is the ancient art of reading forbidden scrolls.

COLADA uses magical weapons and can buy various attack spells. She is the daughter of Dagree as well as the new minion. Her special ability is blocking enemy blows.

ORAZIO attacks with a scythe and cannon blasts. His magic spells varies from attacking enemies, protecting allies, so forth and such. His special ability is running from worthless enemies.

FOXCRY the first minion Dagree finds in the RedRealm. Like all minions, Foxcry attacks at will without the aid of player control.

UPDATE#1 So far this game is in early development and I won't have a demo for some time. I've decided to change EE3's story direction a little bit; I'm cutting out the heavy language and drugs/sex references and hopefully make a decent story with cleaner jokes (sorry goes out to those who did enjoy the profanity). The game itself is gonna have much custom work done to it (like touching up enemy sprites, animating more character poses). I'll post updates whenever I get a chance but for now all I can offer is a few screen shots. Later for now.

UPDATE#2 Very slow progress here! Having to re-draw everything and making animated characters takes forever! However, an EE3 demo is wrapping up and I should have it out in a few weeks or so! I'll keep ya'll posted!

UPDATE#3 The foul language and dirty jokes are back. I figured why delete what made Epic Elf so awesome to begin with! I'm gonna upload the second demo for those who want to see the changes I've made (plus more game play). So feel free to check that noise out! Later folks!

Latest Blog

Epic Elf 3 New Demo

Hey there! So I've finally finished the first area of this game!
It's about an hour or two of game play and it took forever to make!
It's gonna be awhile before the next area is finished; so for now
I hope you have fun with what I got! Feedback is always welcomed!
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Theres a few of us old ones out roaming about. Me and Linkis are probably the oldest.
Just get to rockin as my old boss used to say. Waiting for the next offering ( but not patiently! ).
Word, man! Things are better now. Got a job. Money. Happy!
Yeah, it's gonna be awhile but this will be the Epic Elf I hope gets remembered! So there will be a lot of work ahead and soon you'll understand Dagree's new character (he had a 'soul split' so there's a light Dagree and the classic dark Dagree running around). I'm gonna try and put out a much better demo when I get the custom status screen up and more dialogue for the plot with more dirty humor. Tried to aim for a younger audience but I came to my senses. I'll keep in touch!
PS Old geezer ya say?! Older than 33?
Ha! I know how those bad days go buddy.....I didnt mean to make it sound like a bad game....its EE for crying out loud. How can it NOT be a bad game!? It just is different. I have no doubt once you get farter into the game, the better it will get. I always play EE...its an addiction. I LIKE EE.
My saying anything is only because I am a fan. If it were otherwise I simply wouldnt play. Youre doing great. Just things i see after playing EE for so long.
So get to rockin and dont over think about the lesser liked things and forge ahead with that sassy Dagree way of thinking outside the box!!!!!! Lots of potential. Dont let an old geezer like me accidentally make you believe any different. I am behind you 100% BUT I will pull your short hairs if I see something which I think doesnt keep you up to par with your abilities.
I don't know where the fuck this game is going. It took me forever just come up with what I got. I modified the fuzzynut graphics on purpose to give the game a gritty look (represent the future). I am gonna take the educator spell out because it was way off balance and slowed down the battle time. But this is just a demo; no real story, no direction, just an experiment that may not even happen.
(Sorry. Had a bad day.)
Sorry for those caps above.
First thoughts....it was really short, took me by surprise in the MIDDLE of a battle!The end of demo? Wow.
I have to admit the enemies seem to be pretty hard right off the bat, A couple of battles took nearly 2-3 minutes to finish....also there isnt a scale or anything to tell how close you are to beating enemies. You probably meant that come to think of it.Plus when a battle is over nothing says how much ANYTHING you may have gotten or EXP....nothing, he just says stuff and on you go.
I thought I saw controls...I can pull up how many coins I have but no other subscreen.Hitting all other buttons only showed me coins.
Colatas educatore spell doesnt show up every time ...and when it did it didnt seem to work very well...I think out of 15 battles or so I only got one spell which I didnt catch because to be honest everything comes and goes so fast.
I have to say this doesnt feel much like my old pal Dagree. Not because he isnt funny because as usual hes pretty cool elf but ....I dont know to be honest but it just seems another game so far.
My main bug so far is the graphics. Yours have always been a bit rough around the edges but still easily recognised. This demo seems way to grainy and at times it is hard to discern simple objects.
Dont get me wrong...its Dagree and I am going to play it until either it ends or you piss me off with some of your Spirit Young shenanigans! Like another damn marsh...all of your previous games seemed to have had it...roaming around and around was so irritating I could have choked your demented self!
Whenb is the next demo coming out and how long will it be...in the meantime i will buy better glasses to help with those fuzzynut graphics.
It's been modified. You open up the folder and run the RPG_RT found within.
Damn, Dagree. I will erase and re-dl and see if that works! Hope so....Ive been waiting for this one.
Waaaaah! When I try and open it, it says i already have the game and do i want to use the new one....yes/yes to all/no/no to all (that message) I said no since I dont already have the file for the game although I have been playing ee4.

The screen goes to my desktop where suddenly it isnt populated with anything except the blue background.

If I say yes to all it does the same thing.

Is EE4 causing this even though its a different game altogether and i really dont want to get rid of it?

Help me, Dagree!
Sometimes my head feels like it's gonna explode when I realize how much time I've spent working on this game! Gotta please the fans!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
My head just exploded! Epic Elf 3 :::Gollum's voice::: We must haves it! We must haves it!
Gee dont change it TOO much! Dagree saltiness and badness is part of who he is. Any character who talks about blue balls and a pussy patch HAS to be someone you want to keep an eye on!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Yup! Gonna see if I can pull off another one!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
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