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"Children are playing in a mirror..."

For regular updates and information regarding my games visit my tumblr blog

S t o r y
The little Étoile wakes up with a headache and memory loss in a storage room, not knowing who and where she is. Blood and wine intermix into a deep red liquid dripping down the tips of her hair and pulling her back to reality.

Examine the orphanage and help Étoile remember her past. While investigating the big house you meet the orphans and (if you choose to) learn their story. But beware - not everything is safe to explore.

"Laughter does not leave..."

F e a t u r e s
- multiple endings depending on your relationship and sanity
- many death scenes
- sanity bar { the lower the bar goes, the more grotesque imagery }
- lantern system
- stories of the orphans, readable diaries

This game contains strong violence, disturbing content, grotesque imagery and depicts murder.

"Red blood gets my body wet..."

W a r n i n g
Ciel Nocturne contains some triggering content, the most common are

- blood, injuries, body horror
- religious aspects
- (thoughts of) suicide, self harm
- transphobia, homophobia
- scopophobia, trypophobia, spectrophobia
- eating and mental disorders

If you have a question about any other triggering content, feel free to ask me.

"Who is killing me...?"

Latest Blog

Regarding Updates

For updates, please visist my dev blog on tumblr. It will take some time until I can update everything here...
and that would be a lot as the information is outdated. I'm really sorry for the trouble!

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  • Narasya
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 09/07/2014 07:45 PM
  • 01/31/2018 03:14 PM
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You've got an awesome gamepage set up! Very beautiful.
Good luck with your game! =D
Why is it that horror and horroresque games have the best artwork? XD
i.e, artwork looks amazing. :3

PS: Did you write "étoile" wrong on purpose? Because as far as I know, it's written étoile (it's a closed accent [´] instead of an open one [`]) :)
Looks pretty interesting. I'd like to see these cute characters getting massacred >:D. Can we expect some demo version or anything like that anytime soon?
Thanks everyone~! :3

@Chivi-chivik, oh god thanks for noticing! I totally overlooked that >_<

@GreyInvidia, I'm working on the demo version at the moment. I'll announce the exact date soon :3
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
cute drawings and a possible neko? : O looking forward to this!
This page looks beautiful I truly wish I could understand coding so that my page would look as great as this one.
I saw and read about your game on your blog way before you posted it on RMN! If I'm not mistaken, you said on your blog that the target completion date is on December? Anyways,I'm in love with it.
@nocturneofdeath, The old estimated date was somewhere this years autumn.. but I have some personal problems and can't complete it by then. The date for the demo will be announced soon :3
@nocturneofdeath, The old estimated date was somewhere this years autumn.. but I have some personal problems and can't complete it by then. The date for the demo will be announced soon :3

I see.. well, I'll be waiting for the demo! ^^
Looking forwards to this game >A< Do you mind if I record this game? (possibly once you complete it)
WOW! Beautiful! I am so waiting for this game to be released.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
downloading :)
Wow I'm in love after playing the demo!
The gui is gorgeous.
I look forward to playing the full game!
Yay! The download link is finally up! I'm downloading the demo :)
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well that was worth the download, but yes seriously short, so I'll be looking forward to the full version.
this demo was verrry lovely. cant wait for the full game!
Awwww, I am looking forward to the full game!
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