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O2 ~ Asphyxia is Now Available

Just what the title says. Sorry it's a bit on the short side. I am trying to move things along, so I split it up rather than drag my feet any longer. The next episode is already underway!

Progress Report

Updates to Ep.2, and news of the next episode

Any sane person must have pronounced this project dead some time ago, but, as so often seems to be the case, I'm not entirely sane. So here we go again :)

I feel it's been a pretty light read so far -- too light, for the story I'd like to tell. So, in the interest of fleshing things out, I've gone all wordsmith-y on Episode 2.

I'm sure no one is ever pleased to know that an old episode of a visual novel they've been reading has been updated, but it's not mandatory reading -- just trying to give this project, and myself, a bump.

I have Episode 4 drafted, if not Ren'Py-fied. I hope to do this soon.


Important! Please read

In my haste, I may have left a bunch of plot notes in the archive (zip file) for Episode 2.

If you did download it before I removed it, please kindly disregard that information, as this is a WIP and the contents of any "plot outline" are extremely subject to change.

Naturally, I won't put it back up again until the offending file has been removed. Thanks for your patience...

EDIT: The download is back up! The file I mentioned wasn't in there, however there were some extraneous sounds that I removed to shrink the download size, so it wasn't a total loss =)


Episodes 1 and 2 - Available Now

Just a note to say, the first two episodes of this dystopian future story are ready for download. (The first has been available for some time, so it's really only the second I'm plugging...)

Episode 2 is on the short side, but it sets the stage for some interesting events to come. I hope you'll enjoy it.
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