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Some Update

Just cosmetic update, no gameplay changes here.

Changes for version
- Added logo & launcher
- Almost all transparent water uses png replacements now
- Removed hammer effect for fake Bowsers using fire (works for 2.0 only)
- Removed fire effect for Bowser using hammers (works for 2.0 only)
- Changed sound effect for Brick Goomba's death (works for 2.0 only)
- Some soundtracks have been replaced with its spc analogs
- Added vertical wrap for the ice warp zone instead of instant warps

Changes for Lunar Editions:
- Decreased star count for Lakitu Shoe in 1. I decided to do it because some stars located in intricate places.

Changes for all versions:
- Added tutorial block in level17 explaining that pokeys aren't safe for jumping
- Changed Angry Sun in the quicksand to its normal size
- Fixed Paragoomba's stomping effects
- Fixed Brick Goomba's death effect
- Fixed some another minor flaws

All links updated.
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