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Animal Panic!

The farm animals have escaped from their pens, and it's up to you to bring them home! Explore a whimsical world of mayhem and mooing as you craft magic items and solve unique puzzles in your quest to restore order to the farm. Alternate endings and hidden areas abound in this one-of-a-kind farm/puzzle/sandbox/rpg.

Happy herding!

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Item Locations

Below is the location of all items necessary for game completion (not including hidden or optional items). Most players will have little need for this list, but if you do get stuck, then this page is for you.

Items are listed in the order attained.

*Dogfood: In the east wing of the castle. Take the center door in the hallway with three doors and some pits.

*Castle Key: Inside the house south of the barn.

*Rope and Basement Key: In the northeastern most room of the Eastern Wing.

*Moon Key: In the well northwest of the barn.

*Dog Collar: Through the eastern cave blocked by a cat.

*Star Key: In the basement of the castle after getting kicked westward across a pit by a horse.

*Sun Key: In the western tower with the dog and cat.


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I can't open up the menu with Escape to change my items.
Just to clarify... for the first half of the game there is no menu. For the second half, there is.

Has the guy in the barn told you that you should be able to use the menu? The menu is only enabled once you have the Dash Ring, Signet Ring, and Displacement Staff.

I'll look into it and try to release and updated version within a couple hours.
I actually think it's a bug with RPGMaker, not your game. First, the game wouldn't even start at all and I had to start it with -testplay -showtitle -window, then it worked. Then I got the displacement staff, but it wouldn't open. I minimized and maximized the window, and then the menu opened. Upon closing the window, my character was permanently moving left (I couldn't move right). So, I dunno...

I'll try re-installing.

Re-imstalled. Now my cursor is constantly moving up, even from the beginning of the game. I dunno anymore.
Alright, I re-uploaded.

Only the first 20 people who downloaded will have that bug... I fixed it the other day already. So you must have been one of the first people to download. My apologies!

I did, however, re-upload a version that will fix the bug if you happened to save after activating it. Back-up your save and re-download. Then, when you load your game, save immediately. The bug should fix itself. :)

I also fixed a bug where chickens would occasionally respawn, a bug where you would be charged for an item before agreeing to purchase it, passability of a flowery bush, visibility after beating a minecart game, and a couple of rare potential areas the game could get stuck. I made some minor changes to treasure placement too...

Hope you all are having fun with the game. I challenge you to post screenshots of the ending when you get there. I'm curious to see which endings people get :)

EdgeOfChaos: I remember having that same problem with other RM2K games... I forget how I fixed it. You may simply need to restart your computer. I remember being baffled by why I was constantly moving up.

Try re-starting and re-downloading. The menu bug WAS a programming error on my part, but it has been fixed.

Good luck!
@TungerManU: Thank you. I'm glad you caught that! That bug has also been corrected in the current upload. :)
Cool, restarting it fixed the perma-key glitch, and I've got it up and running. Planning on restarting and doing a 100% run (if I can, I hope there's a way to check %?) and post video after I'm done. Looks pretty good so far!
Thank you!

There is no visible % check, but it does influence the outcome. Also, there are 136 animals to rescue/kick/whatever. And it does track that on the save screen. :)

Hey, just wanted to say the game's playing pretty neat so far. It is quite flawed, but all in all I'd say it's very interesting. Not the typical time-waster I'd expect looking at them screenshots.
I can't catch horses, even with the super dash gem.

(edit) Also, you left your cheats accessible by F9
Well thank you, I think, haha. I'm not sure what flaws you're referring to, but I'm glad it's fun anyway. I know it doesn't look like much, but I think it turned out pretty entertaining. :)

You're not supposed to be able to catch horses with the super dash. There is a different ability for that!

(edit) Oops. I guess the comment about being able to ram horses is a bit misleading...

Also, if you have RM2K installed, then yes, you can pull up the debug menu at any time. But why would you?! It's more fun to play it legit! Plus, I don't know of any way to turn this feature off in RM2K. If you do, let me know.
I got the final scroll thing, but I can't find the final sheep.. I've searched every room one-by-one now. Is there any secret area, or a hidden sheep?
Well damnitall... Two of the sheep had the wrong switches. They are now located in the room leading out onto the cliff where you go to get to the second well... Re-uploaded!

You've been a fantastic game-tester. Any other glitches while I'm at it? (I took away the dialogue about ramming horses in this upload too)
Here's some stuff from memory. When I play it the next time (and hopefully make videos this time.. had technical difficulties before), I will put a list of all the stuff I find.

Super Dash:
- If you use two controls at the same time, dash has strange behavior. You'll go part one direction and part another. I'm not sure if this is intended. This has the odd behavior of not striking crates and animals, but going over them.

- If you activate dash at the same time as you enter a new screen, your screen will be permanently flashing until you use dash again. It's a difficult timing to do, though. Also you can do it where you make your character permanently glowing.

- Sometimes after dash finishes, you will be stuck facing one direction for an indeterminate amount of time. Seems random, can't reproduce.

- Very rarely, you can land on a spot of Void with dash and not fall in.

Displacement Staff:
- In the underground puzzle that requires Hourglass, I was able to clip through the walls with a strange sequence of glitches. It seems Displacement Staff activated no-clipping. I was not able to reproduce this bug, but I have a video.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qnBhSi2B1M&feature=youtu.be

- You can reach the second well early by controlling the beam after you fire it. Move it slightly down and you can hit the orb to the second well without climbing up to the balcony.

- If you're moving forward while using the displacement staff, you cannot displace anything.

- Dogs and cats sometimes run on walls, or do otherwise strange things (such as having them far away, or on top of each other)

- Final Blast hits the chickens that are in the barn, evaporating them. Has no effect on gameplay, but seems unintentional.

- Nothing to do with shards after final blast. Maybe make a bonus item that requires every shard in the game that you haven't spent, for full completion?
Thank you for all your feedback. If I may respond:

1) The multi-driectional dashing/beam is (mostly) a limitation of the maker. In some rooms I do have it set so you can't dash diagonal (the pit room with the cat). That was the original design. But collision detection in RM2K isn't very good (try dashing over the chicken in the pit room, for example). In order to dash straight, you have to use an auto-start event. And that has the huge problem of clipping through most animals and boxes. So I had to switch my programming to allow input while dashing. The solution would be to have the game check the X/Y coordinates of animals and then compare that to the parameters of the dash/beam. I've used that method in other games, but it is more time-consuming and can cause lag. Ultimately, since I was on a tight deadline, I decided to stick with the collision method, not knowing originally that it would have that clipping problem. I probably won't fix this, but it's a lesson for future projects!

2) The dash/new room bug used to be worse. It used to be easier to activate, and left you in "hit" mode so you could walk into all the animals and knock them over. If I release another build, I'll take another swing at this bug.

3) I think you get stuck facing a direction when you collide with an animal that kicks you. The game has a check that fixes this when you enter a new room :)

4) I didn't know that about the Dash... Can it leave you stuck forever, or can you just dash out of the spot again??

5) Haha! That's awesome! The way the beam is programmed is that your character actually turns into the beam and runs around with no-clipping active. That's also why you can control the direction of the beam. The gate interfered with the move command to resume clipping by overriding it with a move command of it's own. This, at least, is an easy fix :)

6) I know about hitting the orb, and that's fine. I suppose it's just a shortcut for those who figure out how to influence the direction of the beam. The real mystery involves weird teleporting around the cow pen outside the barn... See if you can activate any glitchiness there!

7) Also not worried about the dog/cat thing since it doesn't have any lasting effect. I think it is most noticeable if you get kicked by a horse and the dog follows at a slow rate.

8) Actually, the chicken evaporation is intentional! I put some special programming into making sure they don't increase your chicken counter.

9) I wasn't sure what to add for extra Runeshards, but I'll think on it more. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm open to suggestions, too.

So, I reeeally appreciate all your feedback. Thank you for your patience as I worked out most of the game-breaking bugs. I look forward to the videos, and am thrilled that someone took the time to play so thoroughly. How many endings did you get??

Currently, I've gotten the Normal ending, and the better ending (I forget it's name). I would have gotten completionist, but the sheep didn't let me (I maxed the other animals). Also, obviously, I've yet to get the secret one.

First video is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Pmg5G71MM
Due to adding commentary, it took me quite a while. I have 3 parts recorded, I might get part 2 up today. The game should take 4 or 5 parts.

For #3, you can dash out again.

One more bug: The new sheep you added doesn't disappear when you get it.
Thank you! Fixed it.

Cute video. I like the commentary.

Hm, I still can't collect the final sheep.
*edit* I found the darn missing sheep. Sorry bout that. It is, once again, in the same room it should have been in before. I've re-re-re-re-re-uploaded :D

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