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A mysterious RPG made by two homeslices for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest!
Plan to expand on it in the near future mayhaps! The game takes around an hour to complete unless you have played before or skip past the extra content!


Take control of young Bortholomew, eternally deprived of sleep as he journeys to kill the dreaded Sprongle and rid the land of its Suspicious Mist that has been rapidly aging the population of the realm. On top of these horrors, all but a few, held up in the Town of Mimsy, are slowly losing their minds. On second thought they most likely have!

Accompanied by the decidedly strange Lamule, Bort wanders the land in a daze in the hopes that he might just stumble upon the Lair of the Sprongle!


-Custom Battle System Prototype
-Custom Art/RTP
-Original Soundtrack
-Unusual Narrative
-Surreal/Dreamlike atmosphere
-The touch of the deranged
-Various puzzles and other such things
-Tasty Haddock and Immortal Jellyfish


Nathan - Mweem (Underwhale Z)

Joe - www.youtube.com/pffticles :
-Battle System
-Power of Sprongle!


In order to make the download size smaller I have excluded the RTP from the file meaning that you will need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in order to play the game!

Latest Blog

Future Plans!

The Future!!

A word or two on the state of the Sprong!

As it is (The competition version) I feel that the game has a strong skeleton to build upon but desperately needs fleshing out.

Sometime in the foreseeable future I plan to release two improved versions of the game. The first will focus on improving the design:

  • Flesh out the world

  • Add a timer system and make shopkeepers relevant

  • Fix bugs and make puzzles run smoother

  • Add a reward for the Zelda trading quest that actually does something!

After that has been accomplished and the game has been tightened up, I plan on dealing with the problem of Fear the Sprongle's ending which was rushed in order to meet the competition deadline. I am not content with this ending! The game will be lengthened in stead to properly conclude the story. By the time this second development ends the game will be roughly 2 hours in length methinks and feature a real ending! I also have plans, if Joe is up for it, to further develop the battle system.


  • Completed
  • Mweem
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 09/14/2014 02:04 PM
  • 03/17/2019 01:48 AM
  • 07/31/2014
  • 21874
  • 6
  • 252


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For a second there, I thought that this game was called “Fear The Sponge” for a moment, lol. (Maybe I need my peepers checked.)

Anyways, I’ve been actually looking for something kinda of spooky and a bit different to review for this upcoming Halloween season. I know I’ve had a couple of other games in mind - but this one is kinda a bit intriguing to me. Would you mind if I played and reviewed this for October?
Haha oh that sponge!
That would be really cool, glad you're intrigued!
I would say the game is pretty surreal but more with a hint of melancholy than horror though.
Feedback would be great if you do decide to review it!

I had to. I'll read up more on this game for doing this I promise!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/

I had to. I'll read up more on this game for doing this I promise!
Is that Icelandic, Saami, or backwards?
Ah! You discovered the dark truth!!
A Sprongled Origin:
Was listening to Shpongle while writing an essay many moons ago and I found it satisfying to say Shprongle!
This is pretty damn stylish. I like people going mad, and this game here has a pretty cool atmosphere going + a gorgeus soundtrack (think Space Funeral Charme)
Such a shame there are so many loose ends!

Review will be up soon.
Short adventure game. Possibly post-apocalyptic. I didnt expect an ending like that and thought there were multiple endings. But, it's fine. I think it's a comedy, but not too sure.
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