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In the small village of Woodspell something is about to happen that will set into motion the events that will change the fate of the world. A strange man has arrived to talk to the village elders, what does he want, and who is he? Why would he come to such a small village?

And just what is the importance of these crystal fragments?

Join a minstrel from the small village, and her friends as they travel to the edges of the kingdom of Amara and across the length of the continent of Vallenfell on a quest to stop the wizard Lucian from wreaking devastation on the world.

The Legend of Amara is being made on my twitch stream and is kind of being co developed by the viewers. This game isn't going to be any master class of story telling, but I do hope you will enjoy playing it.

Latest Blog

Brief fix of a bug.

Just a quick update, apparently, Ace decided not to save some of the changes I made to the demo just before release. I fixed this and everything should be working as well as possible . Continue on.
  • Production
  • LorSquirrel
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 09/16/2014 10:44 PM
  • 02/08/2019 12:49 PM
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How long is this expected to run?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
-lack of description
-lack of ingenuity
-lack of features

+female lead?

?-how long would this take to finish?

not much motivation to try o.o
It isn't meant to run for very long, maybe an 45 minutes at the most. It's just a small demo right now, but the finished game is supposed to run for about 10-15 hours.

Not sure what you mean by the minus for steam.
The descriptions will be gradually filled in as I complete more parts of the game.
I agree. A lack of ingenuity is something that I will be working on.
I plan on adding a few more features like item crafting.

Yes. It is a female lead.
Simple is what I was going for. Although I do want to add a few twists.

It will take as long as it takes. Maybe a couple of months, maybe a year and a half. It depends on what gets added.

Thank you for your opinion on what there is as of present, shayoko.
No point in trying when you can't even walk out the door. LorSquirrel your event is messed up. you character just walks into a wall, and then you're stuck there.

I love the font you use, and the configuration of the menu is a nice touch, but I would have loved to see the combat aspect. Let me know when this problem is fixed.
Can I know which event you are talking about? I wont be able to get back to working on the game until next week, but I will work on it and fix the problem as soon as possible.
Once you step out of the building. your character, and her non existing party member claim to see Lucas, and then proceed to walk into a wall.

No matter how many times I replayed it. It gives me the same result.
Ooh god. I think I forgot to reset the starting position before I exported. I'm very sorry for this I should have caught this before I posted. I won't be able to fix it until Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I will never have those 30 minutes of my life back. Q_Q

It's all good I'll be sure to come back on Wednesday. xD
Alright I went through the demo, and I Have a few things I want to run by you.

First problem I had is Lillian has no gear. Unless I missed a spot in the house, but I'm not to sure, because Lucas has gear.

Elena is a minstrel, so why not make her use songs in order to cast spells. song of ice, song of hail, song of blizzard, or be a bit more creative than me. xD

I'm assuming that the beginning conversation with her father isn't the true start of your game, because I would actually like to see how, and why she picked up the sword, and spells in the first place.

Lucas is pretty strong, but it would have been nice for him to have at least one skill at level 1

The customizable menu is still an awesome touch.
Someone kill me. My sister sabotaged the game while I was compressing the data -_-. I'll upload a fix after my sister mysteriously disappears.
No worries man, and I had to edit what I posted cause I felt like I should still have given you more feedback xD
Updated the demo.

She will have more song name themed skills later on.

Well I just wanted to start the player off in a normal little village. The reason for picking up the sword and spells will be explained at a later point.

The lack of level one skills for Lucas was in the name of balance, but I will try and think up of a skill for him.

That is why i love Yanfly scripts. They always have cool features like that.

Thank you for the feedback, Xemeth.
Although it wasnt difficult to beat those spiders at the end of the demo, unless I missed it, there wasnt a chance to save. So in the next release, believing our save files are supposed to work, the battle has to be fought again.Not a biggie but still.
All my guys are lv7 are they due for new skills. Looking forward to the next part.
Strange but for the past few days, whatshisname wouldnt even respond but I could go south into the next part. Although nothing was interactable but its pretty extensive and looks interesting. Youve put quite a bit of work into whats coming next if all the places I went to are an indication.
But today I thought to try again and bingo, the game continued to the end of the demo.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
LorSquirrel a couple of quick things, one you really don't need to have 9 different versions of the demo available on the download page, I know you've numbered them so it's easy to see which one is the latest, but it is a bit of a mess at the moment. Also it's pretty obvious from the size that this is the RTP inclusive version, it might be a good idea to create a non-rtp version too for those people who already have the RTP installed, there are a lot on this site, to cut down on the download time and weight.

There is also a jarring spelling error in your description on the game page, reeking means to smell bad, the word you are looking for is wreaking. The way it reads at the moment you're saying the wizard Lucian is going to make the continent into the bog of eternal stench, which is probably not a good thing either. XD

In regard to the game as it stands, not a lot can be said that hasn't already been covered, given the length of the demo at the moment. I do like the fact you are responding to player's feedback to add or amend sections, and Xemeth's comment about song related skills is a good one, glad to see you will be implementing it. Just like Roy I must have missed the opportunity to save after the end demo battle, you may want to give the player the opportunity to do that if the saves are indeed transferable across versions.
I was actually about to clear out the downloads section. I noticed that it was getting pretty ridiculous. Good to know I'm not the only one who was getting bothered by it.

Haha! Well that's slightly embarrassing, if a incredibly funny. I'll change it when I'm done with cleaning out the downloads section.

The demo as it stands is just supposed to be a showing of what I've managed to make so far and so I can make this part of the game as refined as I can. Most of Elena's skills will be changed to song versions as part of the next update. You can save before the battle, and... I actually hadn't thought about carrying over save from different versions. Is that even possible?
I will also exclude the inclusive RTP thing next update. It has been making the file take so stinking long to upload.
Another bullet-point nit-pick bonanza, comin' right up!

- I appreciate that you put in a controls tutorial, but I think it'd be better served as being integrated into the gameplay instead of being just put in text boxes at the start.
- I'm seeing at least three spelling/grammar errors and one dialogue that gets slightly cut-off due to length in just the first conversation.
* Actually, now that I think about it, the font I'm seeing and the font in your screenshots doesn't match, even after installing the fonts in the Fonts folder. Not sure if this is on your end or mine.
+ The butterflies flying around the first map are a nice touch.
- Nearly every other person I talk to has waaaaay too much text that overflows the dialogue box, by a fairly significant margin so that I'm fairly sure it'd be doing it even if the font were displaying correctly. Be mindful of this sort of thing.
+ The "Talk" text above people you can talk to is a nice touch, but...
- ... it shouldn't appear unless the NPC has something to say. There's a guard standing by the Inn that has no dialogue but the sprite still attempts to turn and face Elena for a brief moment.
- Trying to go south from the Smithy, which looks like it should be possible, results in absolutely no feedback.
- Trying to enter the item shop results in you being placed on the wall of the shop and unable to get into the actual shop. You are then unable to leave and have to reload from last save.
- The map transition between the last screen of the town and Malory's Marsh is a bit jarring in that you're going right and then all of the sudden you're facing down with a solid rock wall to your right.
* The battles are fairly bog-standard from the few I did. I'll finish the demo at a later point with a bit more of an eye on the battle mechanics for more feedback here.

I'm going to stop here for now since I have to go take care of a few real-life things, but here's a few takeaways from my brief playsession:
* Consider having somebody proofread your dialogue. There's a lot of spelling and grammar errors in here.
* What font is the game supposed to be using? If it's not the VL-Gothic/VL-PGothic files included in the extract, then what?
* There is a LOT of dialogue too long for the boxes and I'm almost positive this would still be an issue even if the font were displaying correctly.
* I actually kind of like what I'm seeing so far once the game gets a little TLC to fix the issues I've pointed out here. I'll make another pass later with some more general advice.
-I've been trying to think of a way to put it in the game, but every time I try putting it in after the first dialogue with Elena's father is felt awkward.
-If you could point out where the spelling error are I would be grateful.
-The font is called Monotype Corsiva. And just to it actually doesn't overflow very much, or at all that I'm aware of. This is one thing I really felt I would have to deal with at some point, but I'm not sure how to deal with it, or how to fix it.
-I'm sorry about that guy. I didn't notice that I had his event setup wrong until about an hour ago.
-Again. Sorry. I forgot to activate an event there.
-I haven't had that problem and I just entered the shop eighteen times in a row without trouble. Not sure what's causing that.
-I'm planning on working on that tomorrow, but thank you for reminding me.
-I'm not really focusing on the combat, but I do want to make it as enjoyable as I can.

I think I addressed everything you said up there. Awaiting a reply.
Sorry for the grammar mistakes. It's late.
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