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Progress Report

Brief fix of a bug.

Just a quick update, apparently, Ace decided not to save some of the changes I made to the demo just before release. I fixed this and everything should be working as well as possible . Continue on.


New name, new events, new focus, new, uh, news.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the official relaunch of The Chronicles of Vallenfell!

First thing to note? We have a new title for the game: Legend of Amara. This was a title that I had always kind of had rolling around in my head, and with the decision to remove a gameplay element that was the whole reason for the word 'Chronicles' in Chronicles of Vallenfell, I decided that this one made way more sense for the story of the game.

I added in a bunch of new events during the opening, including some tutorials and additional dialogue. I also got rid of almost every bug except for one, that I'm currently working on a solution for.

Most, if not all, of the typos are gone, made an additional couple of scenes after the boss fight, and cut out some of the extraneous dialogue.

I'm finally back to working on this as my main project after setting up a solid base for a project in MV. I can't give an estimate of when chapter 2 will be out, besides that I hope to have it done by the end of the summer.

And on the subject of other news, I'm going to be saving up to pay for some commissioned music, and perhaps new busts and sprites for the main character cast.

Also, we have the new demo up. No chapter 2 yet, but we do have a chapter 1 extension. The current version doesn't have the RTP, but I will upload one with it soon.

I hope you all have a good day.

-C. D. Cerda (LordSquirrel)

Progress Report

Demo 1 v1.2 progress. Act 2 & 3 info.

I am almost done with the very last update before we move onto Act 2. The update will add in some last lore events around Woodspell and Nightshade Woods. Along with a few new little features.

Act 2 itself will add in the first part of the overworld, alchemy, an optional miniboss, a new boss (possibly 2), two new side locations, a new town, a new side dungeon, a new main dungeon, new items, new skills, new characters, an advancement in the story and a new party member. Let's just say that Act 2 is going to be a big addition to Act 1. The full overworld won't be available until the Act 3 release sadly. But act 3 will add several new towns, side areas, even more characters, an additional party member, random world events, ect.

After the v1.2 release I will pretty much be going underground until act 2 is done. Although I'll still be streaming development of the game on twitch.

Anyway. Have a good day.

Progress Report

Demo v1.1(Grammar and combat fixes)

Okay. I went back and fixed up a few grammar and combat things.

I made the combat a little easier, and while I personally prefer combat to be challenging, I couldn't get past the fact that there were three fully grown adults that were getting taken down by bats and hornets with almost no effort.

I may amp it back up once Act 2 gets released (Which is about a month, or two away now.), but for now. Please enjoy.

Progress Report

Demo v1.1

It is now up and I fixed the problems of v1.0. Enjoy,

Progress Report

Demo 1 v1.0

It is now available for download. Nothing much else to say other then that I'm now working on the 2nd demo.

Progress Report

Update v0.9 Progress

Hey there guys! Sorry I haven't been saying too much for the past couple of days, but I have been working on adding a lot to up v0.9 (I think I might just skip it straight to v1.0) and I have a list of completed changes for you guys!

-Fixed a multitude of spelling mistakes (and probably added a few).
-Changed the name of some skills and modified the damage and properties of some.
-Adding in scenes after the spider fight that lead to being able to go over a small portion of the over world.
-Remapped parts of Woodspell to give the map more depth and added collectible, some can be found in Nightshade Forest, some can't.
-Added in a new item that revives characters from death.
-Added three new areas (that aren't part of the main story) that can be accessed from the over world.
-New skills, and the ability to get up to level 10.
-New party member.
-A small prologue set before the events of Elena's journey.
-A talking tree... don't ask.
-Several new items.
There are a few smaller changes, but that's everything that could be considered important.

Progress Report

Picking up steam.

Well. I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of things.
I just uploaded the 0.8 version of the demo with a few minor changes to interiors, the tombstones in the cemetery, and one big change, I have changed the battle system from front view to the side view Battle Symphony system with Holder battlers (thank you to everyone in my stream who helped me through the installation) for the actors! There is one bug that I ran into when I implemented it, and I think everyone will notice it fairly quickly, but I am working on it.
Sorry if the influx of small updates seems to be coming too fast guys, but since we're almost near the end up the updates for this version of the demo it will be almost all small updates.

Progress Report

Demo Update (again).

Demo 1 v0.6 is finally up, and can be can now be downloaded. Check the downloads section for what has been changed.
ANOTHER UPDATE: I noticed that the events that changed party member affections, and also ones that gave them new skills, weren't working, so I updated the downloads page with a new version of the demo. v0.61.

Progress Report

Demo 1 v0.4 almost here.


.Minor Dialogue fixes and changes with a few characters.
.Added a new area. Take the path leading south from Woodspell East.
.Added names for each area that pop up when you move to them.
.Made a few mimor changes to Elena's skills, and a few enemies.
.Added a new script by TheoAllen which causes a small popup to show above events that you can interact with.
.Added text to the collectible herbs in Nightshade Woods.
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