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Update v0.9 Progress

Hey there guys! Sorry I haven't been saying too much for the past couple of days, but I have been working on adding a lot to up v0.9 (I think I might just skip it straight to v1.0) and I have a list of completed changes for you guys!

-Fixed a multitude of spelling mistakes (and probably added a few).
-Changed the name of some skills and modified the damage and properties of some.
-Adding in scenes after the spider fight that lead to being able to go over a small portion of the over world.
-Remapped parts of Woodspell to give the map more depth and added collectible, some can be found in Nightshade Forest, some can't.
-Added in a new item that revives characters from death.
-Added three new areas (that aren't part of the main story) that can be accessed from the over world.
-New skills, and the ability to get up to level 10.
-New party member.
-A small prologue set before the events of Elena's journey.
-A talking tree... don't ask.
-Several new items.
There are a few smaller changes, but that's everything that could be considered important.