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Demo 1 v1.2 progress. Act 2 & 3 info.

I am almost done with the very last update before we move onto Act 2. The update will add in some last lore events around Woodspell and Nightshade Woods. Along with a few new little features.

Act 2 itself will add in the first part of the overworld, alchemy, an optional miniboss, a new boss (possibly 2), two new side locations, a new town, a new side dungeon, a new main dungeon, new items, new skills, new characters, an advancement in the story and a new party member. Let's just say that Act 2 is going to be a big addition to Act 1. The full overworld won't be available until the Act 3 release sadly. But act 3 will add several new towns, side areas, even more characters, an additional party member, random world events, ect.

After the v1.2 release I will pretty much be going underground until act 2 is done. Although I'll still be streaming development of the game on twitch.

Anyway. Have a good day.