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Yay! One hundred downloads!

Well the game has officially reached one hundred downloads. Thank you to all of you who have expressed your opinions and given feedback.

Progress Report

Demo 1 v0.3 changes

Here are some things I have changed in the new demo (which will be up soon):

Added a new state called Stagger.
Slightly expanded Nightshade Woods, added a merchant, and a few herbs to gather.
Gave Lucas' Overhead bash a low chance of inflicting stun, or stagger.
Changed Lillian's Repeated Fire to Vital Shot.
Modified exp gained for each enemy.
Modified some statistics for all party members.
Slightly increased amount of money you can collect before the forest.
Added a few new item.

I hope you will enjoy.

Progress Report

The not so Failenfell Chronicles #1

I just uploaded a fixed version of the 0.2 demo (listed as v0.2B). It should be working as intended now. Waiting for some feedback from you guys.


The Failenfell Chronicles

Welp do to my own stupidity it seems that the newest version of the demo is down right broken. I will have this fixed by next week and as penance I will add some more dialogue and some skill tweaks.


Demo update.

Well I just added a new version of the demo with a few new NPCs, a new area, some dialogue fixes, a few small combat tweak, and a different font. Also a new free turn battle system (no items that increase number of moves, yet). Well I'm off on a small vacation. When I come back I plan on expanding the demo a bit. See you guys in a week.
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