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A heavenly hand has summoned a gathering of strangers on a western shore. Bewildered and troubled, they take their first steps, not knowing that the past they've forsaken is being erased. What starts as a journey to find their individual ways home, quickly becomes the unfolding of a divine plan to counter a fierce entity that has awakened a long-dormant darkness.

NetherQuest (NQ) is a marathon-paced, open-world RPG featuring a tactical, chess-like battle system, massive dialog system, and deep character customization. In NetherQuest, you create the shoreline strangers from 15 classes including elves, dwarves, wizards and knights. NQ's massive open-world offers true and rewarding exploration, with treasures hidden in literally every corner of the land.

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NQ 0.83b

Version 0.83b has just been released for forum testing and fun. This expands the possible gameplay time to about 90 hours if you are one of those explore crazy and thorough adventurer types. The following is what you can expect from the update:

-Implemented character creation info window, describing bonuses given for each character trait taken. (See Screenshots)
-Finished the dungeon, Mount Orion. However, Battlezones are still not completely functional.
-Smithing system has been implemented.
-Fort Dunn map has been completed. However, all NPCs at Fort Dunn are not complete.
-Implemented a new Battle System Feature that pops up any bonuses an actor has upon attacking.
-Identify System is now fully functional
-Added a party stat and parameter sorting scene from the menu (in the 'Score' tab).
-Fixed glitches in the weight scene
-Worked to reduce lag when digging (still not completey right!)
-Fixed an abbundance of minor type-o mistakes in text and NPC conversations.
-Fixed minor glitches to numerous

One word of note is that you can access the 'Battlezones' (secondary battle system) in Mt.Orion's dungeon now, but the system is not complete, so you will just end up having to restart the game if you do. It will however give you a look at where it's going.

Lastly, I still haven't been able to get the shapeshifting fixed completely, so that will once again go on the slate for version 0.84.

Hope you guys enjoy and don't hesitate to ask questions, report errors, and share your screenshots and comments.

Keep finding those STARS!
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  • 09/21/2014 05:36 AM
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For some reason, no matter what I do, I cant go into the first cave at the beginning, I talked to everybody in the village too. Any ideas?
Thanks for playing! I'm gonna close this in spoilers, kalledemos, so as to not reveal anything, The following is what you must do to gain access to the Cave of Edor:

1. Get the Letter of Passage from BrangLee. He's the guy that usually walks around near the southern end of town. You need only make a gift request to him in order to receive the item.

2. You'll need to take the Letter of Passage to Boldan in order to get to the Chief's Hall. But before you go, you need to go unlock the conversation topic called 'Drack'. This is done by discussing things with a man named Karov, who lives in the house south of the item shop. If you don't have this topic unlocked, Solomun, the chief, will not give you a reason for you and your party to get into the cave.

3. Next, you'll take the Letter of Passage to Boldan. You must make sure that you are using the actor with the item in their inventory when you speak to him. Then, select to Give Gift and select the Letter. Boldan will then move himself from the door, and allow your passage into the Chief's Hall.

4. Finally, you'll find Solomun usually wandering randomly in the northwestern corner of the Chief's Hall. When you speak to him, ask him about the topic called 'Drack'. He will then reply with a long statement, and you'll hear funny sound--the sound that a quest makes when given. At that point, you will be able to proceed into the Cave of Edor.

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