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Dinach Meutro

Disagreements between two of the most prominent clans in the land has finally escalated in violence. But it was nowhere near a fair fight. It was a slaughter. The larger of the clans, the Grimmault, was crushed by the smaller Archenon. But through yet to be known reasons, the youngest of the Grimmault, the twin children of the clan head, had managed to not only escape, but also defeat the scouts and hunters Archenon sent after them. Their current whereabouts are unknown. News spread quickly about the twins, turning the Archenon clan into a laughingstock. And they are not pleased.

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Progress Log... 3?: Oh Boy.

So uh... Hi there!

It's been waaay too long since I was last on here. Heck, I won't blame you if you don't remember who I am. Too many things just kinda piled up on me without notice and honestly I got overwhelmed by it all. I think I got past most of it somewhat, and now I only have my thesis to put up with before I'm free. But enough of that.

Concerning the game, it I regret to say that I have lost it. In fact, I have lost everything, as my laptop, then already nearing a decade old, has finally surrendered.

However, this does not mean the project is cancelled. I can't say for certain right now as to when or how it'll be done, but I have all intention to remake this game from scratch. I have done nothing but academics and all that nerdy jazz for the entirety of my absence, so I intend to cope up, so to say.


Have a nice day!
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This looks really interesting, I love your usage of RTP <3
Thanks Frogge!
Though I was planning to ditch the rtp and make my own tiles, but... I got lazy xp
Hm... can we please have a bit more info in the description on how a smaller clan managed to easily exterminate the larger one? Unless, of course, it's a typo of sorts.
Yeah, I suppose I should put it up there. I'll put it up after I get home :)

Long story short, that happened because most of grimmault's retainers switched sides and betrayed them, in favour of the (higher paying) archenon.
Grimmault leaders seem to be quite greedy themselves, then, or just generally poor at inspiring loyalty then. Anyway, I'll reserve further judgement until the full version. :)
I've been sick these past two weeks, so I haven't made much progress on the game aside from a few odd interior maps and some rebalancing I made a bit before it got worse. I am feeling much better now though, so rest assured that I can get back to working on this.

I don't have enough to put up a progress log for now, but I should have enough material to have one up come January. My time table got messed up, and I'll have to up the pace to pick up the slack. I can't tell when exactly this project would be finished, but if everything goes smoothly (it won't), then I think this'll be done by summer break 2016.

That's all for now. Good day :)
Since I only recently added a blog, but *really* wanted to share this, I'll just have to settle for a post here.

I've made several changes to the game play, attaching each character to his or her own 'style'. Basically, each actor would have their own way of playing out. It started off with just Allen, but lore and a recent surge of inspiration compelled me to make every character inherently unique. (or at least try to).

Changes (implemented, or otherwise):

@> Rage was reworked. Now, gaining Rage will increase the damage each actor deals AND takes by a certain factor.

@> Thanks to the change in how Rage worked, I added a 'Wait' command for all actors, giving them a way to deplete Rage AND gain Stamina when needed.

@> Overskills are now restricted to just Alter, who is also the only actor that does not take more damage when gaining rage. Instead, Alter slowly loses control of himself (by disabling his commands) and, upon reaching the max level, gets inflicted by a 'Confusion' like status that makes him target friend and foe alike. As of now, the status lasts for 5 turns, after which Alter will return to normal (with depleted Rage)

@> June gets Combos, in lieu of Overskills. Combos allow June to chain together various skills, allowing for increased effectivity and, in most cases, reduced skill costs. The more moves she lands on the enemies, the harder she will hit, the more combos she'll be able to pull off.

@> Victor gets 'Stances', cost-less abilities that affect various aspects of how he plays. Granting bonuses like various stat buffs, increased element resistance, status immunities, and even, entire new skillsets!

@> Allen gets 'Summon' (which, he actually already has). These skills allow him to sacrifice some health to summon a powerful familiar to aid him in battle. The familiar disappears if either it falls in battle, or the battle concludes. Only one familiar can be summoned in battle. This restriction holds even if the familiar is dead or removed from the current party in any way. As a side note: familiars ALL have higher target rates than any of the actors. In addition, Allen's target rate is halved when a familiar is called forth.
-> Pertaining Allen: Allen is the only actor in the game with a decreased Rage gain. Add to that, he is also the only one whose Rage is reset to 0 at the end of each battle, instead of just halved.

@> Ilya gets 'Mimic', an ability that automatically stores the last skill used on her. For example: say, Ilya fought a slime and got hit by 'Slime Hurl'. The Mimic command will then change into 'Slime Hurl', and on Ilya's turn, she will be able to use that skill indefinitely for the rest of the battle. Currently, the number of skills she can learn in one battle is unlimited, but this may change if it becomes too unbalanced.

And that will be all. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post here :)

Thanks for your time!
This looks interesting. I like all the world & character details so far.

I'll keep an eye on it!
This looks interesting. I like all the world & character details so far.

I'll keep an eye on it!
Thanks for the interest!

Unfortunately,the game's... not exactly undergoing consistent development right now, so even I don't know when (or if) this will get done...
That's cool. It's interesting to read about, anyway!
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