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Full Version Release: TBA

Digimon and all the related content are properties of Namco Bandai.
This is a fanmade and non-commercial project made for fun and entertainment purposes only.

An ancient prophecy of the Digital World says that a destined child will be able to find the legendary Lost Symbols and release an immeasurable power. Knowing this, The Master devises a plan to bring the chosen one to the Digital World, take ownership of the power and use it to expand his control beyond the Braveheart Server.

In the real world, rumors fly all over the internet about a mysterious website with the words "The gate to the Digital World will be opened" which attracts the attention of thousands of children, especially our hero and his friends. However, no one imagined that the site's words were telling the truth. With this, more than four thousand children are abducted from Earth, leaving to the Master the task to identify the destined child.

As the chosen one, our hero has the mission to find the Lost Symbols and use their power to stop the Master's plans and bring all children back to the real world. He then embarks on a great adventure, becoming friends with Digimon that will help him to locate the symbols and bring peace to the Digital World once again.

Braveheart Server
All of the action is set here. A Server in the Digital World is equivalent to a country in the real world, with the difference that it's impossible to go from a Server to another by normal means. Braveheart is a medieval-looking Server inspired in the MMORPGs. The Master wants the symbols to break down the walls between Servers and control the whole Digital World.

- Enjoyable RPG gameplay, for Digimon fans and non-fans
- Original Soundtrack
- Turn-based battle system
- 5 playable Digimon, each with unique playstyles and digivolutions
- More than 80 digivolutions
- Possibility to change digivolutions during battles (like in Digimon World 3), which adds more tactic to gameplay
- Mini-games
- Achievements
- Summons
- High replay value with New Game+ (transfer stuff from previous game file) and amazing post-game content

Yvy: Direction, Writing, Eventing, Spriting, Database, Scripting, Testing
BlackMage: Writing, Mapping, Scripting, Quality Testing
Takuto: Spriting, Mapping
ZephyrLightningheart: Art, Mapping
Tyler Gonelli: Music

Latest Blog

We're not dead

Hello, everyone!
First, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you that sent me messages of support and prayed for my recovery. My treatment took much longer than I expected, but I managed to complete it after 3 long years. Also, I apologize for not being active on any of the game's communities during that time, causing many people to believe I had abandoned the project.

Second, I'd like to announce that this game is going to be continued. Yes, tell everyone that Digimon World Ace is back! However, the game is going without me. Right now, I need to focus on my rehabilitation and catch up with everything I missed during my seclusion. For this reason, someone else will take the lead from now on, and I couldn't leave this project in better hands than my dear friend and teammate BlackMage. Not only he's a great level-designer, scripter and story-writer, he's also a much more experient game developer and that's why I'm sure he'll do an amazing job. Any questions should now be addressed directly to him.

I humbly ask you, our fans who are reading this, to continue supporting Digimon World Ace in any ways you can. Spread the word, let more people know that it exists. This game was born to be a love-letter to all Digimon fans out there, so you can be sure that good things will be coming from it.

I'd like to finish my last post as the former leader with a phrase that helped me go through my treatment: when everything seems over, don't lose heart. Just convince yourself it's a new beginning. I hope that message will help you in your time of need.

Thank you for everything and don't stop believing this game!
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  • 09/26/2014 10:56 PM
  • 10/19/2019 04:22 AM
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To back what Yvy has said, we've made a few adjustments here and there, even to the gameplay, and it's much better. Can't give anything away but I think you all will be blown away with the changes we've made. The code chest is different too. Can't say how though.

I've been thinking about asking Yvy to post another demo, but not sure if we should.

Our main goal is to keep our fans happy as well. If you want to see another demo, let us know below, and we'll begin discussing when we might release our next. May not be right away, but we will discuss it.

Thanks for playing.

It's an honor to be the first to comment on this decision! I'm looking WAY forward to NEW gameplay! I have no problem with the RPG style type but I'd prefer something more digimon-ish I didn't wanna be pushy, But you guys read my mind for me!

Speaking of the different chest codes, That'd also be a great adjustment to the puzzle factor of things I really would enjoy it either way for the digicode chest type or a different style that may be easier for other players.

After, All I'm not the only person on earth and I'm sure other people have tough times with the chest puzzles.

And about the main goal, I'm sure you succeeded in making one person so happy right now.

So my final thoughts about a second demo.


Well, I am a impatient person although it would be nice to get a better worked on final version edited and satisfying but...

I'm sure other people really want more content and it would keep the fanbase and ratings up on this game if you did release a V2

I hope a V2 is released cause I really want to dive into more of this game.

All I can say is keep checking back. We'll update the thread when we're close to putting up the next demo. So stay tuned. :)

As for a version 2 of the current demo, that's up to Yvy. You'll have to ask him about that.
Awesome work on the new custom art and I'm eagerly awaiting that second demo! Keep up the good work and tell your team? They fracking rock!
Awesome work on the new custom art and I'm eagerly awaiting that second demo! Keep up the good work and tell your team? They fracking rock!

Thank you. Our artist will be happy with the positive feedback :)
can our save from the first demo be imported to the second demo?
can our save from the first demo be imported to the second demo?

Possibly not :/
We've made several modifications regarding scripts, and some of them made impossible to load an old savefile. Some of these mods were optional, like the ATB system, but some others were really necessary. So, it would happen sooner or later.
I've been trying to do a workaround to this, but no success. It's a known fact in the RPG Maker community that adding certain scripts may break savefiles and, unfortunately, there's not really a solution to this. I'll continue on my search for a workaround, but due to its complexity, I can't guarantee anything.

We will, at least, try to make sure that it doesn't happen again in future releases.
i love the demo of the game I cant wait till the full game comes out!!
i love the demo of the game I cant wait till the full game comes out!!
i love the demo of the game I cant wait till the full game comes out!!

Thank you :)
still waiting for the new demo, hope it gets twists in the storyline which make it more interesting
How Do I save game??
Other wise its a cool game but I can't save my game.
There's another gate at the map where you found the locked gate, two of them. Those are accessible.

Press ESC when you're in control, and chose the save option.
damm that was a nice demo , let's hope the final realease in this year :p (also is there somewhere where we can donate to thank you for doing this ?)
Thanks. Let's hope that Yvy is going better and able to return with us on this awesome project sooner. :)

About the donation part, I think there were none available.
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