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A game that some in the old Verge/ika communities may remember, Winter can be considered one of the classic ika games. It was supposed to be a competition with a Christmas theme, but it ended up with more of a winter theme overall. Not much story to speak of, but it features a simple Zelda style battle system, leveling up, secrets to find, powerups to acquire, a very expansive mountain to explore both inside and out, and of course a ton of killer bunnies with sharp pointy teeth!

I took a back seat on coding on this one for the most part and instead worked on a good number of the maps. Andy, the original creator of ika, actually was the lead coder on this one. Corey of course provided the artwork, and Thrasher worked on maps and code. Overall it was a very successful collaboration.

I have updated this game to make it playable on modern computers and enabled gamepad controls for those who have one. To enable this, replace the contents of controls.cfg with gamepad_controls.cfg, and feel free to play around with the button assignments.

The game can be a bit obscure in places, so here's some tips:

- Tents allow you to heal and save your game.
- Healing Rain will not only heal you, it can freeze over suspicious patches of ice as well!
- The Hearth Rend skill can destroy ice blocks.
- Crushing Gale is a powerful dash attack, but can also allow you to cross certain gaps.
- Dynamite can destroy boulders in your path.

Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Update 1/11/2022: Game has been vastly revamped with new areas, an automap, controls configurable ingame, new story and more!

Latest Blog

Winter is here!

I totally forgot to update here. But an updated version of Winter has been released! It has many enhancements, including an automap, new maps, difficulty rebalancing, revamped story, and more! (Though you'll still have the sounds of annoying anklebiters to deal with, heheh)

You can grab it here, or on my itch.io page: https://hatchet2k4.itch.io/winter

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  • ika
  • Action Adventure RPG
  • 09/30/2014 09:32 PM
  • 01/12/2022 03:21 PM
  • 12/24/2021
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I remember this being a cool project back in the day, gj on finishing it!
Played through it. Isn't there an expansion pack or something out there?
The bunnies are very difficult to fight and the noise is aggravating.
But the music and maps are nice.
I'll see if I can finish this game.

Whatever you do...

It is a very classic game. I miss those days.

Also, I'm back. Again. :)
This games sounds great! But unfortunately, I can't get it to download on my mac. :( Will download as soon as my PC is fixed. :)
@Linkis: No, it's the specific... uhmm... gratingness of it? I am not sure. Eh, I have weird ears too.

Edit: I seem to have finished the game!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
@icecheetah, PLEASE, tell me you did not turn UP the volumne on
your computer :)
You have not said why the noise is so annoying, if it's just the
volumne....turn it down:)
@Linkis I am starting to appreciate it more, but if only it were quieter...

As for the magic: You find it by exploring. The first you should find is the healing rain which is somewhere to the north east of the tent if I remember correctly.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Rotten gamer that I am, I forgot to Subscribe :(

So, I came across this in the games section and without seeing that I had already tried it and could not get it to work, I downloaded it again. Then I came back to see if there were any hints about how to actually play Winter....and there was my question :)
This time I found that the SPACE was used in place of ENTER. ESC brings up the menu.
I can use the TENT to heal.
I made it over the bridge, but am at the section of stream with 3 pieces of ice but can't figure out how to get across. Must be something with a control that I can't figure out....

ROY OLD BUDDY, have you figured out how to play?? :)

Probably just me, but this came seems like a little more detail about how to get around such as with MAGIC might he a good idea....at least for me :)
Do you need to gain levels to get magic?? If not, then how??

@ice, you silly goose, the noise is what tells you the bunnies are coming for
you :) I'm thankful there is noise, otherwise I might die more often :)
The bunnies are very difficult to fight and the noise is aggravating.
But the music and maps are nice.
I'll see if I can finish this game.
Started this one up, I haven't actually beaten a boss yet, but I will get back to it.
As such, I couldn't properly work out spells yet.

The graphics are the real highlight, just beautiful. The music is a nice atmospheric piece, but does not suit the fighting as well. It would've been nice to have different tracks for fighting or at least bossfights.
Aside from bosses (like yetis). the enemiess are bunnies in different colors - and they pose a big issue. Their sounds are awful. It is a squeaking noise that disrupts the atmosphere and hurts the ears - given that you will meet them everywhere and that you will need to kill a lot of them, that is quite annoying.

The battles themselves are hard, since you cannot very well dodge after you attack, but I did not get to magic yet.
You start out with a sword, you can chain your attacks or end with a dash-attack which knocks small enemies back.
You will need to treat carefully and grind a bit on bunnies. And if not for the sounds they make, I'd be all in
In the base folder after unzipping there are a couple of .cfg files, you can open those in Notepad and change settings. If you want to use gamepad controls, delete controls.cfg, and rename gamepad_controls.cfg to controls.cfg.

Linkis, I'm curious if you were able to get the game to work for you?
Even after reading your instructions, I still dont get them. Is CFG some file somewhere? Im not very literate computer wise, sorry.
I see Linkis didnt come back so it must be something easy to figure out (Sorry Linkis, buddy I dont mean the innuendo that if you got it, it must be really simple).
Ah yes I forgot to mention, the game uses Space as its default attack and confirm key, press that and you should be fine. Edit controls.cfg to change keyboard assignments. Edit user.cfg to change from windowed to fullscreen mode, the line should say fullscreen 1.

Hope this helps!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
I'm the fourth download and no game :(

Everything seems to be OK, but I can't get the game to start. When I hit enter to begin a new game it just does not begin.....WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG :)
Also, is there a way to make it full screen??
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