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Progress Report

New design pieces. Very pleased!

New design pieces. Very pleased!

As you folks know, our Kickstarter campaign launches on Monday (August 24th, 2015).

Although I knew getting everything prepared for it would mean a lot of work (work I was enthusiastic to tackle) I learned a little lesson about underestimation.

Of course, everything's in place. It's all be proof read, polished, reorganised, rejigged and tweaked to (hopefully) as close to perfection as possible.

I'm very happy with the designs I put together for it, so I wanted to share with you guys:

First, the character bios:

One area where Omnis is a little weak in terms of content at the moment is artwork. We've got Oksana Kharitonova on-board now as our dedicated character artist, but in the interim I've done my best to make use of the sprites:

A big part of my approach to making the KS page look good was having graphics for titles instead of plain text. It's a common approach on KS, but there aren't many who make their titles animated!:

(this is a 50% resolution version)

And, finally (though there's lots more on the page itself), I decided to make pretty versions of our pledge rewards:

I realise these images a little big and unwieldy for a blog post, but I really went overboard on resolution to try and guarantee the best quality when they were uploaded to Kickstarter.

That's all from me, folks.

Hope to see you on Monday!


Game Design

Artwork by Kate Bystrova

Just a quick one today, sharing a fantastic new ensemble piece of the main OMNIS cast by my friend Kate:

You can find her on twitter here: @ekatemari

More updates coming soon! (The official artwork of Skyler by Oksana Kharitonova is on the way!)

I'm also planning to do some live pixel-art in the form of some sprite design or tileset making, so if you'd be interested in taking part in that I'd really like to know!




Two announcements, folks:


After a false start a while ago, we're re-announcing this and sticking with it this time!

The original rethink/delay was all about giving ourselves some extra time to work on promoting the game and the campaign. We've got our ducks in a row, now, with a strong plan in place.

We could still use your help, though. Please help spread the word around! Every inch of support makes a big difference.

A link to the campaign page will be up nearer the time!

CHARACTER ARTIST - Oksana Kharitonova

After a long search and a staggering amount of submitted talent, we're excited to let you folks know that Oksana is on board as Elyn Studio's resident character artist for OMNIS - The Erias Line.

She'll be creating in-game avatars for the characters as well as busts and full-body designs.

We'll have samples of her work on the game to show you soon!
For now, here's a rough sample painting of Nadime she provided with her application (shown with her permission, of course), to give you guys a little taster of what she's bringing to the project:

Progress Report

The whole motley crew remastered.

The final, completed round of sprite improvements :) Not a lot to say about them, except that the new versions obviously take a lot longer than the old, but the results are worth the quadrupled workload, I believe.

Progress Report

Skyler - remastered sprite.


Continuing to develop sprite samples to act as proof that the sprites will be hugely upgraded in the full version of OMNIS:

Old vs New:

(a higher res version of her main sprite is available on our Facebook page.
I'm aware that the new versions still aren't perfect and could, at the very least, do with some arm-lengthening.)

Also, here's a link to the promised 'Orphan's Running Animation' upgrade - which I have to say for myself is a vast improvement.

I've included the current version for comparison, though the difference in quality makes me cringe a little.

For full effect, please look at the current version first :)




Progress Report

Orphan - remastered sprite.

The graphics in the demo are placeholders.

When I was a one man team, I had to keep things simple in order to keep the workload sane and get the demo out before I reached my 80s.

Now I can finally show you guys what Orphan really looks like (sprite-wise). It's still a work in progress, but here he is, looking a lot less blocky and cartoonish.

Same head, though - I like his head.

Orphan remastered:

I made this to showcase on our Kickstarter campaign, as a demonstration that the sprites (and battlers, correspondingly) will be improved.

Animations - walking + running - to follow!


ELYN STUDIO - Logo and Theme

Our team's logo (animated) with a chillingly good theme by our resident composer, James Wilson.


Creative Excercise

Created these as a little creative exercise and thought I'd share.

Before I knew what I was doing, I'd saved the image as "Pixies.jpg" - "pixies", in this case, is apparently a cutesy corruption of "pixels". Thank you brain.

Please banish all notions of 'gnomes', 'fairies' and other mawkish folklore favourites from your perception.

I've quickly come to think of them as possible in-game representations of collectable action figure key items. Like Bobbleheads from Fallout 3, or the Soldier 1/35 from Final Fantasy 7. It's just an idea at the moment



Version 29

Following the bugs/issues raised in my previous blog entry, I've been working on Version 29 and it's finally up and available. As usual, here's the change log that comes with the DL:

(You'll see that it's a fairly large list - this version constitutes the biggest improvement over a previous one since the early days of the demo's release.)


OMNIS - The Erias Line

Version 29 Change Log


- Amended credits.

- Redesigned the 'Sublevel Field Journal' key item.

- Fixed Dillon's missing 'running UP' sprite.

- Changed location of 'Raking Man' in Bailey 87 cemetery.

- Fixed 'map scrolling' error on Bailey 87 cutscene.

- Fixed repetition of "aren't" in Bailey 87 cutscene.

- Rewrote/edited dialogue of ending cutscene.

- Reduced cost of Skyler's 'Technique' skills.

- Reduced damage of Skyler's 'Technique' skills.

- Made Skyler's Focus Skills available outside of battle (so that you can set up a stragey, etc)

- Increased length of Armour Boost duration.

- Slightly amended Orphan's running sprites.

- Added message to where Orphan tries guessing the Sublevel 34 access code.

- Added dialogue to opening cutscene (after scripted battles with 'Crazies').

- Edited Orphan's opening cutscene dialogue branch.

- Put several keywords in blue within dialogue boxes.

- Fixed 1 instance: save file map name.

- Edited several lines of dialogue.

- Fixed missing 'Notice Board #4' events from Sublevel 32 Sewer Room.

- Changed Solis Tech Worker HP to 450.

- Gave STA Conductor a 1/1 Save Coupon item drop.

- Changed Choice Menu order for Solis Save Point

- Added Solis Save Point to baggage car, Solis Maglev.

- Solis Maglev Passenger now gives free Save Coupon.

- Increased difficulty of Rail Drone boss fight.

- Corrected the 'Pit Hound's' Battle Sprite.

- Changed positioning of various enemy troops.

- Further updated 'Balloon Icons' - adding 80% black outline.

- Made 'Neroli Oil' item available in-battle. Assigned an animation.

- SL 33 Archive - fixed statue being able to attack through wall.

- Pump Room 2H - changed 'Neroli Oil' item chest to 'Medicine All'

- Added 'Exo-Gauntlets' armour.

- Ammended Armour descriptions.

- Ammended in-game credits (layout).

- Increased 'Solis Auton' base damage.


Bugs discovered - and are being fixed.

Bugs discovered - and are being fixed.

In the last few days a number of players have pointed out a handful of suggested improvements, minor bugs and tiny errors.

Of course, this is all part of the refinement process; be wary anyone who rests assured that their game is 100% free of mistakes. I mean, even AAA titles, with their armies of staff and their corporately powered engines of Quality Assurance and Beta Testing can ship a game that'll need patching later on.



With that prologue in mind, I'd just like to report that two pretty significant mistakes have been detected within version 28 of the OMNIS demo.

Numero uno:
On the 'Bailey 87' map, there are events to the left and right which cause the scene to pan up, revealing the Solis Enforcer road-blocks. Several of the right-hand events had the 'scroll up' event item MISSING, causing the corresponding cutscene to happen off-screen.

All I can say for myself on this point is that I have no idea how such an oversight occurred. The game has been tested as a whole and on a map-by-map basis dozens of times. Ultimately, that's hardly relevant, though, and this issue will be fixed in version 29.

Numero dos:
Yesterday, my mouse died. It was just a cheap, Asda (UK equivalent of Walmart - Asda is owned by them, anyway) model and it's lasted me a year, so I have no complaints.

Except to say that the timing of its sudden onset of decrepitude is PARTICULARLY inopportune.

As players will know, the majority of OMNIS is spent as Orphan or Skyler, but there is one, brief point where you take control of Dillon.

SOMEHOW, I have compressed and distributed the OMNIS demo without giving Dillon's sprite 'running UP' frames.

Staggeringly (again, said angrily to myself in a mirror) this was not just a mistake when the file was imported. The 'running up' frames for Dillon's sprite are YET TO EXIST. Which means, in summary, that I imported an unfinished sprite and then forgot to complete it.

I hold my hands up and apologise to anyone who has discovered this error and to anyone who may yet discover it has they sit down to enjoy the game's current version.

Without my mouse (see numero dos, opening ramble) I'm pixel-art-impotent at the moment, so I can't get around to fixing it until later. The very idea of such a gaping absence is weighing heavily on me and distracting me from life to the point where I am sometimes forgetting whether it is time to inhale or exhale.

A lesson in due-diligence has been learned and learned well this day.