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(incomplete map of Erias)

Erias has survived the natural end of the universe.

While stars were exhausting their fuel and fading from the night sky, human engineers were busily constructing the Artificial Sun that now warms and energises the world. As a surrogate it is far from perfect, however. The Artificial Sun's position is fixed, which leaves the unexplored western hemisphere of Erias locked in a continual, freezing night.

Beneath the Artificial Sun lies the Exclave, humanity's first attempt at centralised society. And from within its sister cities, Verdamm and Solis, new technologies are accelerating an industrial revolution. One by one the old nomadic traditions are being forgotten in favour of the stability that urban life offers.

(Erias lifesource readings)

The peoples of Berghis, last bastion of these traditions, continue to subsist on the oil they drill and trade amongst themselves. But a lack of control over the Artificial Sun is uniting them with concern and, as the oil wells begin to dry, a movement is stirring here that may have calamitous implications for the future.

Beyond these eastern regions lies a vast and unknown wilderness. Some small efforts are being made to chart it and in decades to come the completion of the Erias Line will unite the Exclave peninsula with the mainland.

For now, though, a majority of the world's surface remains mysterious and unexplored by humans. What lies there is waiting to be discovered.