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Apparently, RMTool (a utility that scans your game and informs you of missing files), MISSED a file. Its not a problem though, just download this image:


and this one:


and put it in your RTP's "Backdrop" folder


Just to remind you again people, THERE IS A PATCH FOR THIS GAME. You can get it here:


Also download this file:


And put it in your RTP > CHARSET Folder! Hopefully that reduces emails I get, because this patch fixes all the problems people usually outline.


A long time ago, before RM2K3 came out (Or at least I didn't know about it) I was making a game for myself for fun called Final Fantasy Dreams. It was a Text Adventure game I was making in C++. At the time I didn't know about RM2K or 2K3 and when I found out, it opened a whole new door for me.


A mysterious cave which was located on the furthest reaches of the world. The very mention of the cave sparked the interest of every adventurer, every scientist, and every archaeologist. However, the cave refused
to accept visitors, for nobody ever came back. Except for one man who did. A man who came back blind and deaf, but able to speak, carrying a message...

Beware the man with the eye, and the voice, of God.

Immediately, the appearance of four "Crystal Towers" ended the "Whispering Cave" era. Until two friends decided to go to the place now called...

The Paradise of God

They know that a tough journey lies ahead of them. They don't know how they will get there. Yet they are
willing to discover the secrets. The answers all lie within. And the only way to find out.....is to go.


Steal System - Basically most FF's

Bushido System - FFX Style, WITH timers IN the DBS

Limit Break System - FF7 Style, More damage = Faster filling bars

Summon - FFX Style summon system with over 500 frame animations

Gil Toss System - Like FF5

Blue Magic - Kinda like FF9 and last but not least

Kamikaze System - FF8 Style.

Auto-Phoenix - As seen in FFX

Lots of sidequests and optional bosses, some of which the average player will never even find.


So you see, my main mission was not to make FF Fangame NO#58421, but rather to make a game as close as possible to the real (SNES) thing using the best from all systems.(To date I have never seen a fan game using all of this, maybe there are?)I could have used other characters but then, FF7 was my favorite.

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it looks cool. I'm a huge fan of FF7, but my mom restricted it. The girls dress inapropriately" she says. Wish I could play it... my mom checks the computer alot and if she found this I would be dead.
Wow dude, you got it rough. Well, theres no indecent clothing in this, partly because its hard to achieve with pixel sprites lol!
I played FF7 to see Tifa's boobs bounce.
kentona all though u r master o the site ur a sicko and the new rpg thing i cant even figure out to change my picture and i have insane sprite resources but i dunno how to share em.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
darkshade: are you serious bro?
best rpg maker game ive played..but i got stuck and cant get on my boat ne more...is this game over?
i cant download! I click download file, then skipped the add, then waited 20 somethin seconds, then clicked the downlaod link, then it just goes back to the first page i been to. It keeps repeating and won't let me download D:
For anyone, like Philman401, who wants this game, I re-uploaded it here:

Something went wrong with ZShare, and now none of the older links work.
If you upload something now to ZShare, the link will work, but it seems all the older links have been lost.
Hey guys, the reason the download doesn't work, is because I deleted it and replaced a new download link. This one has bugs fixed.
I camt get it to play (or even find it)
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Although I normally don't like FF fangames, especially FF7 fangames, I might give a try to this one.
is this the same post w/ rpgrevolution.com??? is this a bug-ridden game??
Is the game download .zip? Coz' if not I can't open it. Final Fantasy rocks all together!!!
when you are finally able to use the boat on the world map ( after just getting tifa the scene changes from cloud to luna) I am unable to move the boat or access the main menu or anything in general. I need help!!!!! thanks!

Edit: eugh, old posts of mine disgust me.
I've been experiencing the same problem as Minato, mind helping us out?