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Apparently, RMTool (a utility that scans your game and informs you of missing files), MISSED a file. Its not a problem though, just download this image:


and this one:


and put it in your RTP's "Backdrop" folder


Just to remind you again people, THERE IS A PATCH FOR THIS GAME. You can get it here:


Also download this file:


And put it in your RTP > CHARSET Folder! Hopefully that reduces emails I get, because this patch fixes all the problems people usually outline.


A long time ago, before RM2K3 came out (Or at least I didn't know about it) I was making a game for myself for fun called Final Fantasy Dreams. It was a Text Adventure game I was making in C++. At the time I didn't know about RM2K or 2K3 and when I found out, it opened a whole new door for me.


A mysterious cave which was located on the furthest reaches of the world. The very mention of the cave sparked the interest of every adventurer, every scientist, and every archaeologist. However, the cave refused
to accept visitors, for nobody ever came back. Except for one man who did. A man who came back blind and deaf, but able to speak, carrying a message...

Beware the man with the eye, and the voice, of God.

Immediately, the appearance of four "Crystal Towers" ended the "Whispering Cave" era. Until two friends decided to go to the place now called...

The Paradise of God

They know that a tough journey lies ahead of them. They don't know how they will get there. Yet they are
willing to discover the secrets. The answers all lie within. And the only way to find out.....is to go.


Steal System - Basically most FF's

Bushido System - FFX Style, WITH timers IN the DBS

Limit Break System - FF7 Style, More damage = Faster filling bars

Summon - FFX Style summon system with over 500 frame animations

Gil Toss System - Like FF5

Blue Magic - Kinda like FF9 and last but not least

Kamikaze System - FF8 Style.

Auto-Phoenix - As seen in FFX

Lots of sidequests and optional bosses, some of which the average player will never even find.


So you see, my main mission was not to make FF Fangame NO#58421, but rather to make a game as close as possible to the real (SNES) thing using the best from all systems.(To date I have never seen a fan game using all of this, maybe there are?)I could have used other characters but then, FF7 was my favorite.

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I cannot hear any music beside title sreen? Can anyone help (I've got Codec upgraded)?
this is mayby silly guestion but how can you ad (when you have doed the game)the game
this looks really good :)

Btw auto phoenix is from VII originally, because you could mix a phoenix and final attack materias, also in VIII it was possible to have auto phoenix if you had phoenix pinions but the auto was random (my brother got lucky enough for it to trigger during the fight with omega and was able to win the fight lolz)
i have one question.When you get airship and you pick the explore airship
you can walk in there how can you get out of there?
It won't let me download any games on this sight!!! WHY?
hey hello how can i get out of the inside of the airship
I played FF7 to see Tifa's boobs bounce.

Somebody's got their priorities straight!
I am at the end of the game (defeated the 4 towers, I can now enter the Cave of God) and I still only have Cloud, Squall and Tifa in my party. When I try to enter the town on top of the mountain (I forgot the name, but you have to walk through a mountain pass to get to it) the game begins looping a scene where Tidus gets a message from the Echo Plant and talks to Cloud. Then the scene repeats, over and over, basically freezing the game. Any suggestions?
be more specific. what does the message says?
Oh......didn't know a game like this was already made. There goes what I've been working on.

Anyway, talking about your game.
It's good, and I never figured out how to implement limits anyway. I'll enjoy it until I run into these missing files I guess.
must be all that rtp in your diet
Wow, I've never seen someone actually brag about the number of frames in an animation.

It seems... beside the point.
Hmm, where did you find some of these resources? I've been trying to find some of the stuff you have for forever, but couldn't find them.
be more specific. what does the message says?

Well, I don't really remember the whole cut scene. I guess I wanted to know how I get access to the three other characters. I am at the end of the game, and I can only choose Cloud, Tifa or Squall. I want to visit the temples and complete side quests before finishing the game.
i got a file mid1 cannot be opened error after i beat the minotaur leader
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
i got a file mid1 cannot be opened error after i beat the minotaur leader

This has been brought up I can't even tell you how many times before. In big red letters up at the top, check the "show" box and download the missing files.
This has been brought up I can't even tell you how many times before. In big red letters up at the top, check the "show" box and download the missing files.

at first i didnt know what you meant by folder for the game since the download only has exe file. i figured it out i had to put it into rpgmaker backdrop folder :P.
Hey i have a problem where i am on where Yuna and Tidus are on the Ship but nothing i do will make it proceed i cant move or go to next text nothing happens
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Umm, whenever I am in the boat(When Tidus and Yuna, first appear in the game,)
WHen I try to rest, it says event not found...
I am guessing you have to do this in order to go on...
Please help,