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Here's a list of sidequests. Yes, I know, it's not really fun if you know how to do it, but I'll list them anyway.

Getting a Chocobo

Enter the first chocobo forest and find the Time Egg, return it to Lucca in Mideel village and she will give you Gyshal Greens which you can use in any Chocobo Forest to ride them.

Opening the RED and GREEN Treasure chests.

When you are on the second floor of the Continental Crossways dungeon (on the way to defeat the Fire Titan) the screen will flash RED. Walk all the way right from the starting of that floor and you will see a yellow treasure chest. Open it to find the PRY skill which will allow you to open RED chests when equipped.

When doing the side quest to get the Ice Dust, there is a door on top of the room with the Ice Dust that leads to a Red chest. Open it to get the CHANT skill that allows you to open GREEN chests.

The "Ultimate Window Frame"

Find the woman in Zanto village who wants to build a bakery shop. Help he out and donate gil, the game keeps track of how much you've donated. If you donate the right amount, the shop is built and you get the frame as a reward.

Getting the Ice Dust/Snakes and Ladders

Upon finishing the Fire Titan events, follow the story until you get to Zashe village. Look for Tai Ho, beat him at snakes and ladders, and he will take you to the place where you can find the Ice Dust.

Getting the Buster Sword upgraded

Once you have a chocobo, you can find a secret entrance at the waterfall in Hylia, follow the events to have your Buster Sword upgraded

Getting the Ultima Weapon

After upgrading the Buster Sword Upgraded, you can forge the Ultima Weapon, if you have Adamant.

Getting the Omega Weapon

Acquire the summon Bahamut and return to Larae village. Speak to the chief, and finish the following quest.

Getting the Summon Ramuh

After you have the airship, fly to Thunor and look for the thunder shrine, finish it with Yuna in the party to get Ramuh to join.

Getting the Summon Odin

After you have the airship, and acquire Ramuh, fly to Crystos and look for a shrine in an area not covered in snow. Finish it with Yuna in the party to get Odin to join.

Getting the Summon Bahamut

After you have acquired all the summons, return to Harmonia, and a mysterious tower will emerge in the center of the continent, finish the trials with Yuna in the party to get the summon Bahamut. You also get the Adamant item as a reward.

This list isn't complete, but I'll be updating it again sometIme.


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