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Okay, THIS should be the final version

Alright, last Saturday when I updated the upload and said it was the last update, I guess I was lying XD As I finished playing the game, I kept making a bunch of little changes, and now here we are, with one last version. And unless there's any major errors, I think this really will be it for this game!

Introducing Build v104


-Slight Tweaks all over. Some enemies didn't give enough EXP, there were typos, a lot of little things.

-Added in five new Rhapsody Seashells, which will increase the odds that people will find enough to open all the doors in the Sealed Castle on Endtimes Island.

-You will now get a reward for getting to the final battle and losing in the Arena on Level 7 gauntlet. That way Level 7's not just a troll level XD;;;

-I tried to make the final dungeon a little more interesting. You can now examine all the objects, but instead of your characters reacting, a mysterious third party will make comments.

Whew! What started as me just replaying my oldest game turned into quite a bit of work, especially that final dungeon stuff. Ah well, I'm glad to have it finished. What a trip down memory lane XD


New Version v1.03

While replaying this game, I found a game-locking glitch that's possible to encounter. After you get the airship, if you go to the town/temple on the Etherlands before getting the key to the temple door, the game won't let you leave back to the overworld, possibly locking your game if you haven't saved in another slot.

I've uploaded a fix, also correcting a few other errors while I was at it. Pending anything else major, this'll probably be my last update of this game. It's been fun revisiting my old teenage efforts, but I got a lot of future projects I want to get done :D


Chase for Epilogue

Hello everyone! I've been pretty quiet on the subject of this game. My last blog was over a freaking year ago, when I talked about overhauling the ending of this game.

author=unity from 2014
I'm not sure when I'll have this ready, but I'll try to get it done in the next week or two. Thanks everyone! :D

Hah. Two weeks my butt XD

I had big plans for this. A playable epilogue with three different post-game mini-quests to show the effect your last choice had on the world.

That turned out to be a little more ambitious than I thought. ^_^;; I expanded the ending, adding in the after-the-final-boss party that was in my rough notes, where you could talk to all the characters before proceeding to the ending. And after that, I just... stopped.

Well, to be fair, there's a little more than that. I brainstormed what the playable epilogues could be like, and even got to work on one set in the far future, doing some mapping and writing for it, but... I just couldn't get inspired. I wanted so badly to be working on new stuff that it was very hard for me to write for this setting that was so old to me now.

Then the months went by and I had gone on to other projects. And the rest is history. The extra content for this game was left in the dust.

So, now, to make this game feel just a little more complete, I've updated the download with the extra party at the ending that I wanted to be there from the start. However, the playable epilogues still aren't a thing.

If you want to check out the party and speak to these characters again, but have already beaten the game, worry not. Just download the new file. There's a save file there already, in slot 15. Load it up, and when it asks for a password, input the code 10375 and it will take you to the moment just after the last boss is defeated.

As for the playable epilogues, I don't know when they'll be made. Perhaps one day the inspiration will strike. But for now, they'll be on the backburner once more. Sorry about that ^^;


Overhauling the Ending

As nhubi mentioned in her awesome review of this game, one of the big weakpoints of Chase For Divinity is its ending.

As I mention before, I rushed to get the ending done and barely made the deadline for the Revive the Dead competition. As a result, the current ending was quickly thrown together and doesn't provide the needed closure to the adventure.

So I'm going back and overhauling it, adding back in the park area where you can talk to all the characters after the ending, and adding three separate sequences for a choice Vitt has to make near the end of the game.

If you're already playing the current version, don't worry. You should be able to move your save files over to the new version with no problems.

I'm not sure when I'll have this ready, but I'll try to get it done in the next week or two. Thanks everyone! :D


Bug Fixes and Name Fixes

I should have known that renaming most of the characters was going a bit overboard! A big thanks to kalledemos for pointing out several name errors and bugs! I also want to thank pianotm who helped me out with bugs earlier!

There are probably plenty of name errors left over, so if you find any, (or any more bugs >.<;;) please let me know so I can fix 'em! I already found a few more in the graveyard area just on a quick glance.

Also, in an earlier version I added in a special place where you can buy a couple Rhapsody Seashells (for an outrageous price XD) just in case you didn't find a few. So if you have the earliest version and missed some, you should be able to download this new version, move your save files over, and be good to go.

I wish I had gotten a tester for this to stamp out all these bugs earlier, but given that I only barely finished in time to make the Revive the Dead deadline, that just wasn't possible. I appreciate everyone's patience ^_^


Chase for Divinity is REVIVED!

Chase for Divinity! It's Here!

Hello everyone! To get Chase for Divinity out in time for the Revive the Dead deadline, I stayed up way too late last night but was able to release the game! That's right! The game is complete and ready to go!

First things first, though, if you haven't played any RPG Maker 2000 or 2003 games before this, you'll need to install the fonts or the game will look wonky. If you have this problem, go to the Chase for Divinity folder, and inside find a folder called rm2k_fonts. Install the fonts onto your computer and it should fix the font issue.

Secondly, I find that the game (on my computer, at least) has a tendency to lag in the default full-screen mode, however windowed mode seems to work a lot better. To go to windowed mode, press ALT ENTER at any time.

With that said, please enjoy this game I started over a decade ago. The rest of this blog will be dedicated to describing my feelings on the game-reviving process itself, so if you want to go ahead and play now, please do so by all means and feel free to come back to the rest of this later, if you want ^_^

PS: Try examining random objects. You never know what you might find or what your party might say in response!

Reviving the Game

I was tempted to just call this game PROJECT: OLD SHAME, given how old it is and how many little things are in it that I wish were better. However, the whole point of the Revive the Dead contest was to take something that never saw the light of day and get it completed, so that's what I've done. With that said, I'd like to speak of some of the less-than-perfect details you might want to be on the lookout for when playing this game:

Errors to Look For

These are things that you may find in the game that I'd very much like to hear about so I can fix. Given the one-month deadline and the myriad mistakes in the game, it's inevitable that I've missed some of these mistakes (and in fact I'm getting feedback on some of them already XD)

  • Character Name Errors: When I came back to this project, I wasn't happy with most of the characters names. They were based on silly things like personal in-jokes or names that I just didn't think suited the characters, so I changed most of them. This was a lot more work than I expected as I had to go back and put their new names over their old dialog events, one by one. If you see a name that doesn't match the character, please let me know so I can fix it!

  • Music Errors: I think most aspiring RPG Makers tend to go a bit overboard in the music department when they first start, and I was no different. I had to massively cut back the amount of songs in the game for this release. Which means, if the engine is told to look for a song that got cut, it will just play silence instead. The biggest occurrence of this is the battle music. If you find a spot where the battle music cuts out and goes silent, please let me know about it. Generally, I put a lot of events that will fix this, so you probably won't have silence as your battle theme for long, but it's still something I want to nip in the bud.

  • Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Errors: Okay, I'm not really asking for you to contact me every time you find one of these, as that's pretty much asking everyone to be an uber-dedicated tester/editor, but I wanted you to be aware of this at least. I found at least a hundred errors like this, which means there very well may be a hundred more (I was super-terrible about it back then, especially in regards to spelling).

  • Resource Crediting: Until recently, I've been very poor about crediting resources where deserved. This game has a good deal of rips in it when it comes to graphics, and I didn't keep track of where I got resources back in the day. The part that concerns me most is resources that I took from other RPG Maker developers, so if you see something that you know is someone else's work, please let me know and I'll add it to the credits file.

The Mistakes of One's Youth

This section is about mistakes that are either intrinsic to the game itself or I just don't have time to fix. It's more an acknowledgement of the fact that most of this game was made when I was a teenager who was still learning the fundamentals of GAM MAK.

  • Mapping and Connecting Maps: While most of the maps are playable enough and somewhat decent, many don't pass on the standards I hold myself to today. That's probably pretty obvious, I mean I've come a long way in twelve years. But what I find maddening is the way I used to do doors. I'd have a door on the top of the map, and when you enter it, you're taken to the top of the next map! Which means, if you aren't paying attention and keep pressing up, you could cycle indefinitely between the two maps. I initially wanted to fix every instance of this, but it happened so often that I abandoned that notion in order to make the deadline.

  • Random Encounters: Okay, I'm going to state up-front that I don't think random encounters are inherently bad. However, they've become a real turn-off to a lot of people so I wanted to mention them here. Yes, this game has random encounters. If that's not your thing, I apologize. Luckily, however, thanks to a really awesome series of eventing by Corfaisus, I was able to fine-tune the encounter rate a whole lot, which made it 100 times better than it was originally.

  • The Battle System: I could spend weeks and weeks refining the battle system and still not be completely satisfied. Hero's skills, monster skills, hero stats, monster stats... it's all very rough around the edges. I fixed up a few things over the month, but the rest are kinda just there, for better or worse.

  • The Monster Graphics: The monster graphics may have gone through the most revision as I tried to pick this project back up over the years. They started as RTP and SNES rips, then were all redrawn by me, and then the poorer ones were re-redrawn again years later. There were even a couple that were bad enough that I replaced them with monster sprites from an upcoming XP game (this only happened a few times though). This all makes them lack a visual cohesion, and the majority of the sprites are the early-drawn ones that have colored pixels past their outlines and look generally poor. Again, while I tried to touch them all up with highlights and shadows, there was no way I could have redrawn them all in time.

  • The Facesets: The heroes faces also went through a lot of redrawing over the years. I redrew most of the face art once again for this release. The problem is that originally, almost every NPC character had an RTP face, and it clashes horribly with my style. So you'll come across several NPCs whose faceset's now just state who they are rather than actually having a picture. And now you'll know why XD

  • The Way Items are Listed is a Mess: This goes to show that you should always sort out what sort of restorative items you want in your game beforehand rather than making them up as you go along. It's not as big of a deal in VX Ace, but in 2000, you'll notice that you'll have to scroll all the way down your inventory to use some items, as 2002-unity didn't plan ahead. Luckily, these items are usually the rarer ones, but it's still unprofessional and not cool.

  • The Character's Examination-Commentary Is Static If You Backtrack: You have probably noticed that you can examine most things to get your characters to chime in with their opinions or observations. But if you go back to older dungeons, you will find characters saying the same thing they did when you fist visited those dungeons. I just didn't have time to go through every event and update it if the situation surrounding the comment had changed.

  • The Character's Examination-Commentary Abruptly Ends At the Final Dungeon: The title pretty much says it all. I had never gotten around to putting the commentary on each and every event in the final dungeon. Given that you split all the characters in two groups, I'd basically have to write a different comment for every character for every event, and that just wasn't feasible.

  • The Ending Is Rushed: Again, exactly what it says on the tag. I almost didn't have the game done in time and the ending was pieced together from old notes and memories. I also specifically had created a park map where you were supposed to be able to talk to all of your party members and ask them questions. That didn't get put in due to time constraints. I may add it in sometime in a future release.

But I'm Happy that the Game Lives!

Okay, enough of me harping on my own game. It's just real easy to do when you're remaking it and all the flaws seem highlighted in neon. After all I've said, I'm still proud of the game, and I think it's a fun journey with interesting characters. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading my long-winded rambling as I looked back at a game I started so long ago!


First Blog!

Hello everybody!

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone that's already subscribed! That really gets me excited to work hard to get this ready!

This project could also be known and OPERATION OLD SHAME as this game has a lot of mistakes and missteps from early in my RPG-making days. I'm trying to correct as many of these as possible, but a lot will still be in the final game as thirty days isn't enough to get them all zapped.

But, on the other hand, if I didn't have the thirty day time limit, I might try to remake the game from scratch and then it might never get done, so the time limit is both a limitation and a positive factor.

Plus, leaving in the rough spots will allow everyone to see how I've learned and improved since 2002. I'm a little embarrassed about this game, but I think you will enjoy it, and I'll keep working hard to finish it and get it to you!

Thanks again! :D
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