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Overhauling the Ending

  • unity
  • 11/17/2014 04:01 PM
As nhubi mentioned in her awesome review of this game, one of the big weakpoints of Chase For Divinity is its ending.

As I mention before, I rushed to get the ending done and barely made the deadline for the Revive the Dead competition. As a result, the current ending was quickly thrown together and doesn't provide the needed closure to the adventure.

So I'm going back and overhauling it, adding back in the park area where you can talk to all the characters after the ending, and adding three separate sequences for a choice Vitt has to make near the end of the game.

If you're already playing the current version, don't worry. You should be able to move your save files over to the new version with no problems.

I'm not sure when I'll have this ready, but I'll try to get it done in the next week or two. Thanks everyone! :D