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Okay, THIS should be the final version

  • unity
  • 07/21/2022 10:34 PM
Alright, last Saturday when I updated the upload and said it was the last update, I guess I was lying XD As I finished playing the game, I kept making a bunch of little changes, and now here we are, with one last version. And unless there's any major errors, I think this really will be it for this game!

Introducing Build v104


-Slight Tweaks all over. Some enemies didn't give enough EXP, there were typos, a lot of little things.

-Added in five new Rhapsody Seashells, which will increase the odds that people will find enough to open all the doors in the Sealed Castle on Endtimes Island.

-You will now get a reward for getting to the final battle and losing in the Arena on Level 7 gauntlet. That way Level 7's not just a troll level XD;;;

-I tried to make the final dungeon a little more interesting. You can now examine all the objects, but instead of your characters reacting, a mysterious third party will make comments.

Whew! What started as me just replaying my oldest game turned into quite a bit of work, especially that final dungeon stuff. Ah well, I'm glad to have it finished. What a trip down memory lane XD