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Platform: RPG Maker XP
Genre: RPG
Lead: La Fin des Temps
Demo Date: TBD
Production Status: 15%
Languages Planned:

Plot Intro:
Serge, Kid, and Magil who seek out treasure decide to infiltrate Viper's Manor on the night of a full moon.

Development Summary:
This game intend to be a RPG remake of the first Chrono Trigger's sequel: Radical Dreamers. The original game is a visual novel which have some common with Chrono Cross, but is way shorter and have a different story.

Intro - 75%
Overworld - 100%
Areas - 60%
NPC - 10%
English Script - 0%
About 1 hour of Gameplay - 30%
Arc 1 - 0%
Advanced Move System - 80%
Custom Messages - 100%
Custom Battle System - 45%
Custom Shop System - 0%
Custom Menu System - 10%
Custom Save Points - 100%

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Thank you really for making this! :D
i wish you the best of luck with the remake!i think it's a good idea to make one,'coz i think RPG-genre would be more fitting rof RD rather than being a visual novel
I'm trying to reach the developer, because I have some material I was doing a similar game about Radical Dreamers by myself. I wish to know if he is still working on the project!

Hello kotakota, wonderfull work! I just sent you a message.

Yes, I'm actually still working on this project!

Nonetheless, I decided to switch it to Game Maker due to the limitations of RPG Maker. I just could not accept to make sacrifices in this game and get a 'poor' version of Chrono Trigger's engine.

If you want to keep track about the progress of this game, don't worry I'll update this page in time. Feel free to ask any questions you have in mind about this project.
Hey there! Just curious if there have been any updates on this? Looking forward to it.
So it's done as an RPG? Now this looks awesome, I have the same question chronosource does, if it's still in works that'd be great.
Ahoy here, just passing here to keep you informed.
This project is on hiatus until I finished my other project https://rpgmaker.net/games/5450/

However these two projects will share the same engine made with GameMaker.

Hopîng to release Crono's Adventure in 2021. Radical Dreamers will probably be released around 2022-2023.
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