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RPG Maker MV

So with the release of MV I've begun conversion of the game.
Why you may ask. Well for completely selfish reasons, really. My brother can't make time in his busy life to play on a computer but is totally up for mobile. As a good sister/ curious dabbler, I made the switch.

So, will this really change anything?
Probably not. If you guys really want, I can continue making the Ace version alongside MV. There's obviously going to be some differences between the two versions (not a higher res, ain't nobody got time to remake that many sprites and tilesets!) but you can still look forward to the game! I mean, I'm ALREADY taking forever to make updates, right?

P.S. The current download of the game is still broken.

(should probably consider a progress report at some point...)


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Personally, I don't think that it will be easy to make a game on two engines at the same time. As you said, it's taking forever yet. People now do change the engine and suffer for it, finding/making the graphics (resolution is different as I know) and finding/writing new scripts, which is a real pain even though there are quite a lot of pre-installed scripts in RPGMMV.
But that's just my opinion.
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