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MoE MV Demo

Wooh, alright! I've been waiting for this for quite some time, but here it is! AN UPDATE!

I finished the MV remake of the Memories of Elefee demo. It's pretty much the same as the original demo, but the big difference is the amount of new content.

Here's my attempt at a change log, though I don't remember everything that I've added or changed~

  • (Obvious) Remade in RPG Maker MV

  • Remade all sprites

  • Redrew many CGs

  • Added MORE CGs (Cuz that was totally necessary)

  • Redrew Face Graphics

  • Redrew Actor battlers

  • Monster battlers are now static

  • Added Original Music Courtesy of Crown-It-All

  • Changes to main plot

  • Rewrote the Vampire Castle Arch

  • Smaller Maps

  • Added more 'direction' (maybe now less people will get lost while playing)

  • Added Quest System (Currently only 7 test quests though they're pretty dull)

  • Changed Fishing System

  • And other stuff I completely forgot about :D

I (OF COURSE) probably missed a few things... There may be instances of nekkid sprites or sprites that change after talking to them, or maybe other problems, but... It's playable? (hopefully. I'M at least able to reach the end) There should be a lot LESS weird errors and glitches around than in m VXAce version :D

PLEASE, inform me of any errors and I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.
Also feel free to complain about fighting or buying items. I'm not really good at balancing so critique is welcome.
As for spelling and grammar mistakes... weeeeeell..... good luck

I probably did much more art than needed for this game, but this has all just been one large art project for me and I've dragged you all along for the ride. But it's been fun for me~

Here's some pictures!

You guys have probably already seen the updated sprites.

but I also updated the actor's battlers.

on the down-side. Enemy battlers have become static. This may be temporary depending on my willingness to redo all those sprites, but that'll be for another day.