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Just about done, but...

Yeah, that's right. Almost done with this part of the game. I probably could have released the demo update in a few days, but I found a little issue when I sent the game to a friend for playtesting.

It's a weird problem with the battlers. But I only noticed just now because it doesn't happen to me. Me and my friend are using the exact same deployed file and yet...

This is what my game looks like.

And here's my friend's.

It happens for all the animations. I can't think of a reason this would happen... I'm not a coder or anything, but you would think it would be the same if no changes have been made to the file, right?

Has this happened to anyone else and no one's told me about this? Or is this a new thing???
(it's bothering me like you wouldn't believe and yet I can't reproduce the problem!)