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Welcome to Lilia!

Welcome to Lilia, an island paradise full of life and wonder.
Lilia, where their national animal is rabbits. National bird? Rabbits. Favorite pet? Rabbit of course. Where clothing is made of rabbits and they adorn themselves in rabbits accessories and their houses in taxidermy rabbits.
Everyone loves it on Lilia. On Lilia, you have the protection of the Almighty Rabbit who keeps you safe and cool. Here on Lilia, you are happy. Lilia is where you will stay. When you come to Lilia, you don't leave.

WARNING Beware of Rabbits

For those people who are tired of starting from scratch. I provide you two options.
1) I added an option in new game to start from the newly added part of the game with money and experience. Just Select 'Play Lilia'.
2) Jelly has now set up shop in Port Town and will offer you a quick start to the game. Take it or leave it.

And for anyone who's played the original VXACE version of MoE, Granny is back! This time, she's willing to listen to you ramble on about your adventures and even give you things for spending time with her. You just have to find her first!

Change Log:

  • New island

  • Redrew menu portraits

  • More Hidden Area

  • Fixed problem with campsets

  • Fixed problem with shopping for equipment

  • Fixed problem with some quests not working

  • Some dialogue changes in Mesq

  • Added/Edited Some Sprites

  • Optimized some maps

  • Changed the mechanics for the Chicken Chase Minigame

  • Fixed a bug with the Secret Spring

  • Added better elemental damage