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Very broken

I've been meaning to write something about this, but I just keep forgetting. It's probably been a few months by now. > - >
As per the norm, I messed something up during the last update. It's still playable, but save often since it can crash.
I can't fix it until the next update (let's hope I don't break that too) so pardon me for a bit while I work on everything.

Until then, here's a few of the pics I did during my break from game making. Stylish~

There's a few new pictures and a bunch of redesigns, but most people probably won't notice since quite a few characters haven't been properly introduced yet.

Progress Report


Wow, I am REALLY bad at blogging... or whatever you guys considered this.
It's been a couple months since my last update and I haven't said a word, I should be ashamed of myself!
So to show I haven't been doing nothing this entire time. I have things to dump here!

Here's a little snapshot of the new area. It's still a work in progress, but look! Rabbits~!

There's new characters, new monsters, new weird scenarios to indulge yourselves in, etc. Me and Kett have been having fun with this particular part of the game~


Ok I'll admit, a lot of my time has been spent on art again... Unnecessary art really. My artist instincts is calling and telling me to make everything pretty... though my game is unfinished and not as pretty as the art I keep stuffing it with.

But there's new battlers! I kinda forgot which ones you've already seen so here's ALL of them so far!

I've been working hard, I swear!
I must learn how to play with these letters more~

Progress Report

New Member

I've been making a bunch of miscellaneous updates all around the game, some noticeable, some not. I've also not been logging them. Probably should.
I don't think I broke anything, but just in case... Please tell me if you find any bugs.
(As I was typing this I found a few mistakes. Oh Joy~)

So as maybe an actually update I'll say... I've found us a new team member! A writer! Whoo~
If you guys haven't noticed, We're not good writers... actually, this story that we have, it didn't have an actual plot-line until recently. It's literally been us throwing ideas at each other and me slapping it all together. There are many plot-holes o U o
Maybe now we can actually create a cohesive story and stop adding unnecessary stuff to what we already have! Yay~

Welp, I'm gonna go draw more pictures~


A Let's Play!?

Oh Gods... Kett has informed me of a let's play of my game. I'm way too embarrassed to actually watch it, so I'm going to send her and let her tell me how bad they probably thought I was.
It was the first release too... At least if it was the second one, there wouldn't be as many embarrassing spelling mistakes all over the place. I'm going to go hide in a corner now.


Fixed Again

Ok so apparently I can't seem to update without something going wrong. I fixed an issue where the wrong even would run and you'd get stuck when leaving the castle.
I apologize for that, but it should be good now?

Please report any bugs you find and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.


An update

Hey guys look! What's that? An update? WOW!

After months of saying I would update, I finally did it! And since it took me so long, I made quite a bit of adjustments.
If you see anything wrong with it, please tell me. I may or may not have missed some things throughout.

Thank you everyone for your helpful comments and suggestions, I did a lot of things wrong and I apologize. Hopefully I made up for it in this version.

Update Log: Ver. 2.20

-Spelling and grammar Error Fixes
-Secret Spring - Fishing Limit added
-More money and exp earned for defeating monsters
-Lowered Carpenter Bridge fix cost
-Updated Title Screen Graphic
-Fixed battle backs
-Event fixes
-Enemy Battlers
-Can now skip opening cutscenes
-More Weapon Graphics
-Can no longer name Risa "Jelly"
-Monster Drops
-Added Eye Drops

I swear, I did too much drawing for this update. There wasn't supposed to be this much drawing, but there was. But I regret nothing, I mean LOOK AT THEM! THEY'RE ADORABLE!

Progress Report

Eagerly awating vacation

I apologize for the delay in uploading a fixed version of the demo, once college finals are done, I'll try my best in getting an update up.

This time, I'm trying my best to wait for Kett to look over the game before I upload it to avoid any further errors on my part, but finals are more pressure on her than they are on me. While I wait, I've been working on furthering the story as well as other things.

In an attempt to keep you interested/ I needed something to do/ it was too funny to pass up... here is a video for you to (maybe) enjoy that that may or may not be canon. http://youtu.be/12w3Sf3HjD8

Progress Report


Thanks to the power of the internet, me and Kett now have synced folders for sharing game data in semi-real time!(If only I had faster internetz)
Maybe now we can be within the realm of efficiency~

In other news. I have been 'earnestly' working on checking for bugs and spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes throughout the game and plan on re-uploading the game once finished. I admit my finger's slipped onto the 'Skip-Text' button a few times. But that's why Kett's here! :D
I can't believe it though, I'm usually so much better with English. I blame the fact that I have to type hundreds of lines of dialogue at once. It makes me negligent. orz

The next update won't add anything to the game. It'll just be full of fixes. Look forward to it anyways~


First Release

Oh man, after a week of revisions, bug fixes, add ons, and other things to prepare for the demo release, I finally finished!
The Demo Memories of Elefee is available for download.
There is about 2-3 hours of gameplay for the demo done.

Actually, I'm kind of nervous. Personally, I don't know how good of a game this is, so who knows how you all will take it. Either way I had fun, and if you don't like it, at least I can still be proud of how much better it looks now.~

Oh and there are many things that are subject to change, especially in the second castle, that place has changed a lot since I first made it and I'm still not satisfied!

Oh yeah, please report any bugs you find and suggestion... In the comments I guess. I should probably make an email... There's a mailbox! :O
Yeah, use that.


Memories of High School Days

Memories of Elefee (or project 1 as it was called for like 2 years) was a game I started back in high school after I decided to get RPG Maker. I had no idea what I wanted to do and like many things I do, just kinda wung it and the story just started building up on itself.

A few years and one remake later, We have this! A collaboration of ideas between me and one of my friends that turned this RPG into something we just enjoy making. This game is full of so much love. And I hope you enjoy it when the Demo comes out.

I could never really decide whether or not I wanted to actually post this game somewhere or not since it was more of a hobby, but I just decided to go for it, and here we are. There are still a few things that need to be fix or changed, but I'll try to get this out as soon as I can, just let me revise EVERYTHING.
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