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Hey y'all. This game has reached over 1,000 downloads and is averaging 4-5 downloads per day. Thanks for enjoying this even more than Demon Tower!

Inspired by a visual basic applet titled Epic Monster Dungeon Explore (EMDE), this sequel fleshes out the original idea of super-fast-paced RPG battling and minor exploring. Epic Monster Dungeon Explore 2 (EMDE2) is played entirely on a single map and allows the player to unlock new areas to conquer by defeating on-screen bosses. Minibosses can also be encountered within the encounter-spawning dungeon tiles, allowing LEON and MARA (the hero and heroine) to reap the awards of adventuring--or be reaped themselves. EMDE2 is difficult at times, but very beatable.

Go forth, and slay the EVILGOD!

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excuse me

My MOUSIEs and I take personal offense to this, Penny.

(From Coming Out on Top by obscurasoft.com )
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  • 08/26/2008 08:47 PM
  • 04/12/2017 12:50 PM
  • 08/26/2008
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Interesting, I always love your single map / short minigames. I'm not sure why, but they are just very fun to pass a good hour. But...the screenshots!? I don't get how you managed to pass the police on the Three shots MUST be gameplay rule. But whatever, I'll be looking more on this in the coming future. ^^
(Lol, posted below comment JUST before screenies are added)

A VX game! Yay! *subscribes!* ^^
Ok a mousie just killed me in one hit, what the fuck.
has a very Japanese feel to it, perticularly with the CAPS EVERYWHERE and the poor grammar and puctuation.
A mouse did pwned ya in one hit!?Ok to funny,lol!
Wait... theres a EMDE 2 and a 3... Where the origonal?
Wait... theres a EMDE 2 and a 3... Where the origonal?

Read the description, yo!
Oh... wait whats a visual basic applet?
The faerie boss reminds me of the faerie from the 2k game Wonderlust.
I opened the actual project file on accident and started poking around. Is Leon supposed to get a random and huge boost to Spirit during his later levels or was that an accident?
hmm, short and easy to me, although i died on some bosses...killed evilgod with both lvl 20 :)
Aaaaaaand this is still one of my favourite RPG Maker games of all time. I return to this when I lose sight of what real gameplay is.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
looking for story!? not here!
looking for deep characters!? not here
looking for good english!? not here!?
looking for D.C!? not here!?
looking for something with value!? not here!
Do i recommend this!? no not really :3

even tho its still leagues above some i have seen this is a pretty pointless game.
Evilgod(final boss)has like 6000-8000 life which if you play this you will know its alot :3

some thing its does have
+specific gear for each class
+choosable classes 1 for each gender (you have 2 characters)
+how much power skills have!

this is the high end of the bad pile!
Well, I just beat the DemonPrince with a Paladin and MagiMaster at LVL 9... Stun is so fun!

Haven't used a HealthPotion yet... Why'd you make it so I can't drop off loot at the town?

... Do all the Bosses at the same height from the Town have basically the same stats?

Also, why does the color of the game keep changing? I thought it was based on my heroes' condition, but it doesn't seem to correlate exactly...

Are the Flaman(s/ses/Whatever the pluralization is...) supposed to be immune to physical damage, or are they just great at dodging?

They're great at dodging...

Anyways, it seems the 1000 EXP should have sent me to LVL 11+, but only sent me to LVL 10... The inability of the extra EXP to contribute to levels further than the next one is not intended... is it?

Wasn't keeping track of the EXP to Next Level properly...

Random Loot is Rare and Random... I've only had it happen 2 twice in my ~1:20:00 run...

Read the Reviews, if you want hints...

Also, the Equip Drops are useful... Especially since I make bestiaries so I remember...

Huh... I see how you could beat this in 1:30:00 or so... Gonna keep my No Healing Item run, so gotta get more MagiSilKeys...

Finished! (No Healing Item Run)


Time of Save in front of NorthVine: A bit less than 2:56:24

Mara (MagiMaster) - LVL 20

HP: 102

TP: 72





Sanctified Mace





Leon (Paladin) - LVL 19

HP: 100/101

TP: 49





Sanctified Mace




Fantastic game! ~^.^~
Gorgeous monsters. Beautiful music. Secrets and Easter eggs. Hilarious comments <3

"You're just a scrawnie mousie!"

My team choices on my maiden playthrough were:

Paladin and Archer. And what a great choice that turned out to be =D The Paladins Stun and the Archers Criticals and special attacks are so far a winning combo =D

I LOVE grinding baddies into monster kibble ~^.^~
I could do that all daaayyy <3
Thank you for the wonderful game!
Glad you enjoyed it =)

Malandy: the color was based on location -- a creepy castle would be more purple, for example. also wow, 9 magic on Mara... that's impressive!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This is still one of my favourites. <3
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