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Wait its finally released?!

So from what I read, this game has been in development hell for almost 3 years! I remember seeing this event back in 2014? I didn't join it mostly due to being really busy with stuff around that time, But anyway, here is the finished game, has been in development hell ruined this game or is it a good game?

My structure for SMBX games are as follows
WORLD MAP (or Hub area)
Level Design

Let's start.

Nice and simple hub area, each door is very easy to get to, and getting to a level where you last left off is quick. A little bland, and could have used a little more life, but considering this isn't what the game is about I'll let it slide a little.

Levels this time around, are much easier than the last castle masterpiece set project, in some cases a little too easy, some challenging levels would have been nice, these are castle levels after all, also some levels seem to have a few problems, foggy ferry forest starts you right at the end of the stage right next to the boss door, shroom sanctuary also has no music playing.

But despite those two problems that I discovered, every other level plays well and looks nice, I can't say theirs a level that I hate because they're all good. Still would have preferred a few challenging levels.

Some of my favorite levels would be Tired towers, and Rainy Towers.

Despite taking a long time to finally be released I can safely say the game is good, its not the best compilation of levels you'll ever play, but there are plenty of masterpieces in here. I recommend giving this one a go over the original.

4 out of 5


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Thank you for the review! I am glad you enjoyed what we finally managed to put out.

Development Hell is an apt description.
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