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''The cold wind is blowing on my skin, but I don't mind.
I just want to go home and be with my parents.
I'm not hungry. I'm not thirsty. The sky doesn't show, it has disappeared.
Behind the shadows, the Afterlife is waiting for me.''


A schoolgirl named Yuna finds herself alone in her classroom, without knowing what happened before. After a while, she meets his best friend Kazuki and will discover that creatures appeared from nowhere and tried to kill them. Together, they'll have to figure out what's going on and pass through this nightmare.

What is happening in this town?


Afterlife: The Second Dimension is a puzzle-oriented horror game.
If you played games like IB, The crooked man or The Witch House,
you will have no problem playing this game.
You will have to solve puzzles, flee enemies without getting hit and look for lost documents in order to learn more about the characters and places.


- Use the SPACE key to interact with the environment (the object is glowing).
- Press Q to turn on the flashlight and to turn it off.
- Access the Menu by pressing X or ESCAPE.
- It is important and necessary to read all the documents you will find on your way to understand the story better.
- There is no life gauge. If you get hit once, you die automatically.


-The game was designed with RPG MAKER VX ACE.
-Edited by SOUL ART STUDIO (My studio's name).
-The story, music and some graphics were created by me, Vincent Gabriel C. (Lost6Soul).
-The lighting effects are designed by Khas Arcthunder, Moghunter and Woratana.
-Special thanks to Jasmine Martineau and All of you who played all the
Afterlife games.


- For god's sake, WEAR HEADPHONES for a better experience !

- This game is a REMAKE of the first franchise Afterlife, but with
a different story. Why ? Because I want the players who already played Afterlife, to experience something new, not only replay the game for his graphics.

- Why ''The Second Dimension'' ? Because the game takes back the same environments and mechanics in the first game franchise Afterlife, but in a different universe. Which means different characters and story. Some environments stay the same, but others are kinda different...
Well, you'll see yourself !


- New Story.
- Rearranged soundtrack + new tracks!
- Graphics and special effects are better.
- New jump scares and environments to explore.
- Artwork.
- All grammar errors are now fixed!
- Available in Spanish in the Downloads section!


I hope you'll enjoy this game, I've put a lot of effort in this game to make sure that you'll experiment the best gameplay and immersion possible.
If you enjoyed the game, please like our official page here ! : Afterlife: The Second Dimension


Latest Blog


Finally, here's my project on which I worked for 5 months (400 hours), the PROJECT R.E.M. In this demo, you'll explore three different environments which I hope will give you the impression of being in a dream!

The project is still in production. I hope it gets bigger and more ambitious in a few years. I'm currently working on what the gameplay's gonna look like. More explanations on the process I used on my artstation!

Rendred in real time in Unreal Engine 4. All 3D work and animation done in Z-Brush, Maya and textured in Substance Painter/Designer and 3DS MAX.




S T A Y I N S P I R E D .
  • Completed
  • lost6soul
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 10/15/2014 06:03 PM
  • 09/12/2021 02:15 PM
  • 10/28/2014
  • 179956
  • 46
  • 10697



5 out of 5 ?? Wow thank you, I really appreciate it!
And of course, I'll make more games in the future!

To respond to your question, Yuna and Kazuki are not inspired by SAO.
They're just the product of my imagination ^^

Thank you for playing!
Hello everyone! I'm really happy to anounce that the game Afterlife: The Second Dimension will finally be available in Spanish thanks to our friend Eris-chan who translated the game. We're proud of sharing it with the whole Spanish-speaking community so they would enjoy it too! The link will be in the download section.

Good game have fun!

Hola a todos! Estoy muy feliz de anunciar que el juego Afterlife: The Second Dimension, estará disponible en español gracias a nuestra amiga Eris-chan quien tradujo el juego.
Estamos orgullosos de compartirlo con toda la comunidad hispanohablante para que también puedan disfrutarlo! El link estará en la sección de descargas.

Buen juego! Que se diviertan!
The game crash.
Missing Audio/BGM/None.
Well I just copy an audio file inside the game and named it 'None'.
Yes, we are aware of that. We presently work on a new version of the game.
All the bugs has been corrected. the game will be completely playable this week!
It seems that I can't extract the files. Whenever I tried there's something appeared like, "Unexpected end of archive"
Hum you're right...it seems that the files are corrupted.
I'll reupload the game right away!

Thank you for the info Tochiotomechan.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ok the prequel if you can call it that was terrible. i meant TERRIBLE
the amount of grammar mistakes in that was unreal.
and while there were alot in this for the complete game it was manageable. i just hope the author does update with the suggestions that i shall give

besides that this game also gets a graphics and effect overhaul!
as well as new characters,areas(or modded versions of them) and a plot that actually makes sense!
and as picky as i am being satisfied is pretty rare!

there were some really cute and emotional moments in this!
the custom artwork is freaking beautiful and adds a lot to the games value!

i highly suggest this title. even more so after a grammar update!
Thank you very much for your comment and advices Shayoko!
I must say myself that the first Afterlife game was unfinished and unpolished.
I thought about making an update but instead, I've decided to make an entire remake of the game (which was a better good idea I think). If you want to do a review of this game on rpgmaker.net, please feel free to do it, I will greatly appreciate it!

Thank you.
=Final update to my game=
Finally, all grammar errors are now fixed!
A very big thank you to Shayoko for his help!

Good game!
Hi, my device crashed and I wanna download the game again and finish it. Will you upload the "without RTP". please? :)
Sure! we're actually working on that.
The final version of the game without RTP will be available right away in the download section!
Sure! we're actually working on that.
The final version of the game without RTP will be available right away in the download section!

Thank you sooo much!
Maybe it's me, maybe I played a lot of RM horrors, but experience is mixed.
But right now game is very predictable. Every plot moment is like were executed already. Like it was obvious if I will took this key, monster suddenly appears in same room. Like it was obvious what monster won't follow me upstairs even if it doesn't have a door. Like I knew he will sacrifice himself.
After that it seems became more curious, like with mother's spirit or something... anyway I like this goal that she asked to obtain.
I don't like very slow movement with such big locations.
I really like character portraits, especially Yuna's drawing. And backstory itself what were written on different notes, that also is nice touch. And that rain effect is amazing - totally cool... Yuna seems waterproof )
Right now stopped at cemetery.
So yes, I really really wish to see more curious plot details instead of standard jumpscares from Fatal Frame. Cuz protagonist is likeable.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Oh, a grammar fix version. That should tie up the only problem I had with the game. Thanks, guys. I can easily convince more friends to play this now.
So far, I am in love with the game and its awesome scares.
Dragol: Yes it is!

Dragnfly: You're welcome!

annme090: Glad you like it!
Are the files how to instal very important? My laptop doesnt open them for some reason
Hey all!

My name's Mike, I run MGR(Mike's Gaming Room) and am loving this game! Games like these need a LOT more love and light in the YT community! I've only done the first video so far, but, keep an eye out! Here's a link to the LP.

Thank you so much, lost6soul, for putting the time and effort into bringing us this game. It's very appreciated by everyone.

Thank you lost6soul!
Hey, I really enjoyed your game. It took me all night to finish. Your designs are amazing, atmosphere is really creepy and magical. Story was intriguing. I wish the game could be more interactive and had multiple choices, so I would feel like I really had a choice to change what was happening around me. And the puzzles could be more challenging. Nevertheless it's an amazing game. I'll be waiting for your new projects. Keep up the good work! :)