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Written by: PentagonBuddy

You begin in the Patient Quarters. By using S near the metal container, you can save your game. Explore this room and take note of the broken panel. There's an exit to the right, which is a path that leads downstairs.

Downstairs, you'll be in an L-shaped room with exits to the north and west. North heads to the brig (but is locked), and West heads to a hallway. On the bulletin board you can find "Storage Checklist", and there's some boxes you can't open yet.

In the hallway to the west, you'll find a table and a phone. Move the table and you'll find a can underneath. You can't take it, so don't worry about it for now. Head into the north door and you'll be in a T-shaped room -- in here you can find the map, and so now I'll use the room names from there. The room you're in is the T-shaped one with the elevator. All other doors are locked, so head back for now.

To the left of this hallway is the lab, where you can find the rubber gloves and the archive item "Whiteboard Notes".

In the waiting room there's a save point. Treatment 1 has the scalpel in it, treatment 2 has a CD labeled J and the archive item "Cereal Box", and treatment 3 has a locked red drawer. There's also a poster with red lines on it in treatment 2.

East of the waiting room is a hallway with an aquarium (you can get a dead fish from here), and a locked fire extinguisher. The women's restroom has the can opener.

South of the waiting room is a room with a microphone, and you can examine the shelves in the lower right to get "Purple Letter" and a pink bracelet. You can use the microphone, too.

Once you have the scalpel, you can return to the storage room with the boxes and use it to open them. This gives you the snap-on wire. Take the rubber gloves and snap-on wire back to the patient quarters, where you can use them to repair the panel on the north wall.

After using the shutter, if you read the whiteboard notes you'll get the number you need to use with the terminal. This took me some time to figure out, so here's a starting hint: "/str ### open" (without the quotes) is a command you can type in

Still confused? Then highlight the following to see the full command:
>>> /str 003 open <<<

This opens the panel on the left part of the wall, where you'll find the brig key. Here you'll meet a cat you can talk to. The Z hatch is also here. The east door leads back to the T-shaped hallway.

Bring the fish to the cat, then ask him to turn his opus around. You'll see a number. Return to the terminal, where you can use this number. Instead of /str, you'll have a different command to use, and the hint for this is also on the whiteboard notes. Highlight to see the command:
>>> /z -13 open <<<

Return to the brig and use the hatch to enter the autopsy room. In here you can find "Disturbing Photos", and a working computer that lacks a mouse. There's also a lever on the upper right wall that opens/closes the shutter you used to go in. There's a door to the north, and opening it triggers the first enemy encounter, so make sure you have the scalpel equipped before you do so.

Remember, CTRL to get into fighting stance, SHIFT to attack. The monster will follow you between rooms and is quite fast, so running will use up your stamina very quickly and leave you vulernable. I ran around a few rooms to try and lose it, but it was so fast that when I DID turn around and fight, I took quite a bit of damage because I didn't have time to recover much stamina.

You can use Z, then X when you're near a door to brace it, which prevents the monster from following you inside... but this just drained my stamina and didn't seem to help.

If you don't want to directly fight it (which I recommend), then make sure you've already unlocked the connecting door between the brig and the T-shaped hallway. It'll make this next bit easier. Lure the monster into the brig, then use the z-hatch to re-enter the autopsy. If you time it right, you can use the lever to decapitate the monster, killing it instantly. I wasn't able to get the timing right for this, personally. I suspected you could do this and checked out a video of someone else playing to confirm that yeah, it's possible.

Once you've killed the monster, you can take a green keycard from it. Examine the now open door in the autopsy room and you'll find the wooden key. Use this key on the treasure chest in the aquarium by the restrooms and you'll get another green keycard.

There's one more keycard, which you get by giving the cat in the brig the can opener and telling him that his can may have an item inside.

Once you have all 3 cards, take them to the brig and put them in the card reader. You'll open the door to a room with a TV and 5 buttons. If you talk to the cat in the brig, you can ask him about the symbols he's drawn, which might give you some idea of what the buttons do.

The first button closes the z-hatch, the second one does ???, the third and fourth ones get you a Dead End, and the 5th one opens the brig door.

When you return to the brig, congratulations! Tom joins your party. Tom has his own inventory, so now you can carry a total of 8 items. Pick up the letter opener from the opus in the cell and give it to him so he'll have a weapon.

While Tom is in your party, you can press S to bring up the action menu and tell him to "brace door". He'll then move to the nearest door to brace it. From the options in the main menu, you can now select Companion and change how Tom acts around enemies. If you don't have the pink bracelet and the circuit panel key on you, I recommend fetching them now.

Return to the lab, and with Tom's help you can move the shelves blocking the north door. You'll find an injured nurse in here. Drop the pink bracelet near her, and she'll move. You can then unlock the circuit panel and if you examine the switch on the right, you can turn on the elevator by the aquarium. Head there next and then into the basement.

From the elevator, go down and to the left left and you'll find a save point in the next room.

There's a series of doors on the left wall. The third door from the left has the map for this area. You can get the archive item "Dark Photo" from the bulletin board in the room 2 doors to the left of the sabe point (Storage). This room also has the green wooden shard item on the desk. The first door to the left is Generator 2. It may be hard to see, but all the way to the left there's one more door. Inside here you'll find the archive item "Odd Drawing".

North of the save point, you can find some Adrenaline in the first aid kid.

Hallway with a red light and a locked door that leads to Generator 1. The lock for this door is on the left and matches the drawing on Odd Drawing. On top are some roman numerals, which are added together when you slide the switch left or right. The goal is to get a total number that matches the one written on the Odd Drawing, and if you go over the number you're forced to reset. The switch begins with a value of 0.

Here's a working sequence: (highlight to see)

The numerals are arranged as 3, 6, 5, 2.

Number on left is the roman numeral to move to, and the number in the parentheses is what value you'll have. You can follow the keyboard directions, instead.
6 (0) right
5 (11) right
2 (13) right
5 (18) left
6 (24) left
5 (29) right
2 (31) right
5 (36) left
2 (38) right
5 (43) left

In the Test Stations room, you can pick up the Simple Key from the desk. Doing so triggers an enemy encounter, and the power goes out as well. I recommend running from this one, as if Tom dies that counts as a Dead End, and this room is very cramped.

The simple key unlocks the door leading to the fan units. Downstairs, you can find the archive item "Memorandum: Subject 6" on the bulletin board.

There's only one door you can enter, to the north. Before you go in here, it might be wise to save. There's a puzzle that can either be very easy or very time-consuming in this room depending on your skill level with combination dial locks, and you can't exit until you "solve" it. I say "solve" since it's more a matter of brute force.

After that there's another enemy encounter -- I REALLY recommend running from this one. However, there's an item you need in the upper left of this room (the alcohol), so you can run upstairs and try to lose the enemy, then go back downstairs to fetch it. Use the matches and alcohol on the door to the right of the safe room and you'll gain access to a new area. It's best to make sure you aren't being followed too closely before you go in here.

In this hallway the east door is locked, the south door goes to a room you don't need to enter, and the north leads to hydroelectrical chamber 1. This area is made of long, narrow paths, and it can be easy to get lost. From the entrance, go north until you reach a fork, then go west until you reach a platform. Here you'll find a map as well as a save point.

On the platform to the uppermost right there's a bandage. You can find the wounded nurse from earlier here, but I forgot to note exactly which platform. It was in the general direction of upper left. After a brief enemy encounter, pick up the ID card and try to leave the room -- I recommend saving beforehand.

You'll be in a dark map with 3 lights that you need to turn on. Just wander around until you find one and use the action menu to turn it on. There's a monster following you that will teleport you to random spots if you're caught. You can hold ctrl to go underwater and hold your breath, which may or may not help you dodge it.

Once you're done with this section, you'll be back in hydroelectrical chamber 1. DEFINITELY save. If you lost the ID card, make sure to grab it from right in front of the exit to this room.

Now you want to hurry all the way back to the treatment/research floor. You'll probably be chased on your way back up. When you make it there, you gain a fox companion, although he does not fight. (He can still take damage) You'll also be pursued by an enemy almost right away, but this one is pretty easy to kill.

Now that you're back up here, do you remember anything you might put a card in? You'll find it in the autopsy room, next to the door where you had your first monster encounter. The card reader 2000 comes with no instructions, but there's a poster on this floor.

If you don't remember, it's the poster in treatment room 2.

The order you scan the card is: (highlight to see)
middle, right, right, upper left, down, middle, down, right

Your partner will leave you after you scan the card, so make sure he doesn't have any items you want to keep.

Now you can enter the west door of the autopsy room, which leads to another storage area. In here you'll find a periodic table of elements as well as a glass cabinet with several tubes: 94, 20, 80, 12, 33, and 87.

Before you enter here, you can save some time by heading to the aquarium and grabbing another fish (you must scan the ID card first, though). I recommend bringing a bandage if you have any left. Once you're in the storage room by the autopsy, place the fish in the scanner on the right and you'll see what chemical it's contaminated with.

You want to send the bottle with the number that matches the chemical on the monitor. The periodic table on the wall will tell you which numbers go to which chemicals. Highlight for the correct tube number: 80

After you send the tube, you'll be forced to fight an enemy. Using the dodge move (ctrl to get into fighting stance, z to dodge backwards) will help a lot, as there's enough room to move around and this enemy has a spin attack that's easy to see coming. Wait until you're at the end of your health before using any healing items -- you want to end this fight with as much HP as possible.

After the fight, you're in a timed puzzle. Stand next to the glass tube you put the bottle in, get into fighting stance, and attack the tube. Then return to the cabinet and send a container.

Once you're in the next room, you can find a record on the bookshelf in the southwest corner. The dresser in the northeast has the archive item "Family Photo".

In the main room, you can open the grandfather clock and turn it on.

Upstairs, you'll find a room on the left where you can insert the record into the record player and turn it on, and a room on the right where you can move some boxes to plug in a radio. In the radio room, you can get the cellar key from the open box on the right.

The cellar door is on the first floor, close to the bedroom you began in. Downstairs you'll eventually find some wind chimes on a pool table, so grab those and then hang them on a hook in the garden north of the living room.

At this point you should be able to find someone in the first floor bedroom. She'll tell you to go upstairs, which is the end of the demo.

Congratulations! A winner is you!
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