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Cave Adventure R v2!

A big update for Cave Adventure R has been released! Something I would like to call the "Remastered Edition". This update changes the engine to the official version of RPG Maker 2003. But not only that! It also adds a lot of new updates and features!

- Updated engine: Improving compatibility, adding a better fullscreen option, and a whole bunch of other improvements.

- 4 new areas: Two of them are secret, can you find them?

- Remade equipment: Added totally new weapons and armor which replaces the old stuff.

- New dialogue: Improved writing in almost every area, now it's more comedic and with less engrish.

- Improved balance: Now it's somewhat easier but it allows more varied builds.

Originally released for an event in 2015. Cave Adventure R is one of my first games ever made and also one of the first I've publicly released. While I've come a lot way since I made it I couldn't stop thinking about it. Between all the newbie mistakes I feel like there's something worthwhile underneath. So I decided to give it a new fresh coat of paint and make it a lot easier to play with modern computers. Maybe I'll revisit my favorites ideas from this game and implement them on a new project. For now, I hope anyone that plays it can see past the flaws and have a good time!


Cave Adventure R v1.4


I was bored and decided to replay this little old game, after seeing many parts that could be improved I decided to do just that, after a very long while, I bring you, Cave Adventure R v1.4!


- Changes in the dialogue: the story should make more sense now, and some "jokes" were changed

- Rebalanced enemies: now the game is more challenging but still easy enough that it can be beaten without grinding, you just have to explore every inch of the cave, searching for more upgrades

- Magic, in general, is more powerful: magic was kinda underwhelming before, now your healing capabilities and your AoE attacks are more powerful, but beware! Enemies get better abilities too

Unless some bug pops out, I think this will be the final version, I can't see where I can make improvements that don't involve changing a whole scene or map, which would be an effort better spent in working on another game

Thanks for playing!


Well, it's been a long while but... I still like it, even with all its flaws is just a little fun and simple game, at least I learned a lot from working on this (Don't rush things, don't add unnecessary parts, work on my english skills before trying to make a game with many dialogues) but there some nice ideas too! (Exploration? Awesome, automatic healing after every battle? Double Awesome, adding even just a little of personality to a dungeon? Triple Awesome)

I have some ideas in mind, I don't know if a sequel would be good for a game like this, but I want to use these characters in some future... and the idea of "Zackland" sounds like a great place for another adventure, we will see...


Update 3

The new version is up!

- New areas! (Pawn Shop and Waterfall)

- New enemies! (Octopus, Orc and Imp)

- New items! (A new weapon and two new armors)

- Better magic! (A new healing skill and rebalance of some skills)

- Redid some areas (The area between the Minotaur maze and the slime fight has been completely redone)

- Rebalancing the balance (More harder, but now with the new areas and weapons you can be more powerful)

- Fixed many bugs and little errors (Thanks to iddalai for helping with the many errors in the dialogue)

- And many little secrets

This will be the last version unless a really bad bug appears or the balance isn't the adecuate

Progress Report

Update 2

- Fixed that Zack had level 99, sorry

- Rebalanced, now the game is a bit harder

- Changed the Minotaur maze, you no longer die when touched by the Minotaur (now there is a fight) and now it got a small "puzzle"

- New ending, new boss

- Fixed tons of small details and bugs

Probably the last update, we will see...

Progress Report

Update 1

New version of the game is out!

- Rebalanced enemies
- Magic is more powerful
- Battles are a bit quicker
- 2 new areas + 1 secret area
- Small changes and bugfixes

Any feedback is appreciated


About the event...

I know that the game has some problems and balance issues, I will upload a better version but only after the event ends

Changes for the next version:

- Magic is more effective
- Rebalanced enemies
- Faster Battles
- A new area
- Fix any bugs that could appear

As always, thanks for any feedback
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