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Art, Demos and Bug Fixes Talk!

This project is not dead! I am just super busy with work to fully focus on Efflorescence. But a huge shoutout to Neonblack and Sixth for helping me pinpoint and fix a bug in this game.

For those who are curious, the bug was that you can't save during messages as the busts/sprites would get wiped off the screen. There was also an issue with the namebox and such. But that has been fixed! Again, thank you Sixth for helping me find the bug. It was such a hard script to understand.

I also want to thank Fomar for helping me find a bug in my AI script, which is summed up to me just flipping my <= and >= as well as forgetting to check that everyone has x state instead of just one condition. I was derpy.

We were planning a demo release for this game during RS!D but it didn't happen. However, my waifu Marimo, did a great job preparing the character concept art for the demo story for this game. It covers the events that happen before the main story of Efflorescence.

We hope to deliver a playable experience soon and hopefully after the storm quells down. But for now, enjoy the demo characters sketches!


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Well, good to know bug got fixed. The sketches look ... fine, I suppose, but I'm not really an artist, and so I can't offer detailed feedback. Not until I know who they are, anyways.
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