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Manage your characters!
  • Archeia_Nessiah
  • Added: 01/26/2015 07:19 AM
  • Last updated: 04/19/2024 02:51 PM


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unless they actually identify as binary :3

i've never seen a second page in a game picture lol

i'm a little embarassed. Sorry. lol
Christina identifies herself in a binary gender. If you ask her, she'll tell you she's a woman and damn proud of it. :3

@JosephSeraph no worries ;)
Nessiah's Seme-kun
AHaha, I was asleep for this discussion! Dang! But yeah, thanks to those that supported Christina's look. <3 When I designed her, me and Nessy tried giving her a beard mostly because it felt like she called for one and once I tried it out, it was hard to let it go. Sometimes when you design a character, you get that feeling of 'ohh this is the right design' and that was pretty much it. What the process didn't include was 'lulul let's put a beard on her and weird everyone out' or forcing this beard on a female character for the sake of having a 'unique character'.

Hopefully once we get the game ready for release, you'll enjoy her even more because she's proving to be a very expressive and wonderful woman. <3
Guardian of the Description Thread
I really wish I would have posted on this earlier, and been able to just say "I love this expression!" However, with GreyInvidia's comment, a chord has been struck. Comment hide-tagged because I'm more conformable hide-tagging it.

My mother has had a fairly light mustache for as long as I can recall. However, when I was in grade school, people made fun of me (and her) for it.

Also, I was almost abused in middle school for having slight breasts. I consider myself pretty damn lucky that there was a teacher nearby to stop it before things escalated.

Also-also, I was given a razor in my first year of high school because, and I'm almost quoting word-for-word, here, "you're too young to have facial hair".

Also-also-also, sorry about this rant, Nessy. I don't want this conversation to devolve much further.

It's...a fantasy game, right? Even if it's so weird to you, it's still fantasy world. Why is it any weirder than having monster features or anything of the sort, just roll with it.
I like her, but then again I have a major weakness for baddass ladies and she looks like one so *-*
I like her, but then again I have a major weakness for baddass ladies and she looks like one so *-*

Same! She reminds me of Sully from Fire Emblem. I'm psyched to see her in-game.
Seriously doubt that guy if he ever claims to respect a feminine person with a penis when he can't even take a woman with a beard seriously.
Can we... just say they're nonbinary.
Um... Well, no, not really, because Archeia said she's a woman/female.
whoops, looks like that was already taken care of. but really.

Anyway, I like her. I'm going with "she looks freaking awesome" and leaving it at that.
I actually completely failed to notice that beard until I scrolled to the comments. Then again, I was on my phone at the time, and that animesque red colour just blurred too finely on the small screen. :)

Anyway, there's only one thing in this screenshot I have concerns about, and it's the Fable-esque conversation system. I just have a strong bias towards traditional dialogue trees, although Last Word did manage to win me over with its non-traditional system.
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