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Starbot - EspaƱol

Starbot has been translated to Spanish! I don't think I was approached by this translator actually, but I'm really flattered by + grateful for their work.

Download links here!


Starbot Update + Fanart + 5k Downloads

Starbot v1.1 has been uploaded! I'm rly flattered that Starbot's been featured as a hidden gem, and I figured it was an appropriate time (ie wayy overdue) to finish this update. If you want to see what's changed check out the download page, but if you've already played, you're not missing much. Also, cumulatively Starbot now comes in at 5k downloads after over a month and a half which is pretty cool for my (Sort Of) first rpgmaker game! nice. thanks. egg memes for everyone.

I also want to feature some fanart from tumblr by some rly kind and awesome artists like holy hell lmao. More super cool art can be found in my tag!





ehhhh finally it's kind of weird to post my own stuff on the same page but I wanted to close with some epilogue art. thanks again for playing.

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