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Play time - 30 minutes

Known Bugs:
1. When you soft reset, you cannot load the game. You have to exit and re-enter the game.
2. "Bite" misses a lot.
3. Some of the sprites don't match the faces/portraits.

You stop earning skills after level 8. I will add more in the future.

This is a complete re-make, 90% of the game contents will be changed. Like story, gameplay and maps. I will still allow people to read the previous review though.

This will feature a side-view battle system with only 2 playable characters.

A heroes adventure has come to an end, she defeated her sibling and stopped him from using his new found power to kill everyone he finds "weak."


Neither of them are dead, in fact. She used her power to wipe the memories of herself and her brother. Years later the siblings travel together to find places which can jog their memories.

RPG Maker Source
RPG Maker Source


Graphics, BGM, etc.
Hanzo Kimura
RPG Maker Source

Monta!'s sideview battlers


Latest Blog

RIP in pepperoni sauce (Cancelled blog)

WELP. I lost interest in this project.

Honestly I got a bit too greedy with this one, multiple paths and all. I also didn't really knew what to do with the story, mainly just the beginning and end.

To those 15 people who cared about the game, sorry but I'm cancelling the project. I'll keep the game page and download up but I won't be touching it any time soon.

If I ever go back to this project, it will probably just to fix those awful lighting effects.


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You say that this is quite short so, would you like a full review of the demo as it is or a few comments posted here?
Goes inactive at least every 2 weeks
You say that this is quite short so, would you like a full review of the demo as it is or a few comments posted here?

Go nuts
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
The grammar mistakes in this are unreal like every other line is a misspelled or incorrect word!
need to go over what you wrote reading out loud if necessary
and or get a proof reader
bad grammar ruins immersion
theres so many i wont mention specific ones
even Thief is wrong every time tho o.o
Random Thoughts

nice title screen

dialog when you 1st get to town
^Bastard is wrong
isn't is wrong

everywhere thief is mentioned
Thief is incorrect
^ lots of grammar mistakes not gonna mention more

Pierce description makes no sense

tackle and pierce is underpowered thus pointless
strong punch is 3
tackle 8
pierce 10
strong punch costs less then half and does more damage

why doesn't your character bring up that ron may have betrayed them to the other comrade???
^b4 leaving

prices in store need work,fear that's better should not cost the same as weaker gear
ex leather cap and chain helm

game crashed in the mountains same error as in the guys video at the end

boring/stupid characters
lots of grammar mistakes
boring story?
ok mapping
nice menu
some nice triggers
lack of balance with ability's cost/power and cost of store items
boring battles(even when someone finally joins you has the same skills)

personally needs alot of work,i do not recommend this at this time
Goes inactive at least every 2 weeks
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Youll be fine. Just take the criticism with a grain of salt and your next attempts will be light years ahead.
The fact that "heroes" is misspelled on the game page does not bode well...

Also I think Shayoko is blunt with everybody.

edit: "Villains" is spelled wrong, too! Has this been done deliberately? If not, you should correct it, as people will take your game more seriously.

I'll try to get around to putting together a review for this demo tomorrow, but it will depend on how well I manage my time and if I can be bothered to get off of my a**. Since, I've been feeling rather lethargic lately.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
aaawwwww I was going to download, play and hope to give you the input from a non game maker :)
Goes inactive at least every 2 weeks
Eh, the last version had many problems, trust me.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
HEY, I games with problems. Then I can point them out and look smarter than the guy who made the game :) hehehehehehehehe

Really, games with problems are still enjoyed by some.
If the story or action are fun, a few spelling/grammar problems ain't nuthin' :)

take you time Pork........
Goes inactive at least every 2 weeks
I shalt take my time, plenty of it.
Besides the problems were already pointed out in the review XP
The main problems were like you said, story and action.
But thanks!
Goes inactive at least every 2 weeks
Uploaded short demo, I will admit that I was too lazy to add a couple things. Mainly because I was losing motivation for this game so I had to upload a demo quickly.
Short demo. The version I got from here is VERY different from what I saw in lobo's video. What I played was pretty fancy and looked kinda cool. 1 town and 1 dungeon, 2 sidequests. Enemies respawn a bit too fast. The two characters have very different stats for some reason, so specify stats carefully. Because the boss is quite hard. I went against him without learning recover and it was very hard, pretty much luck dependent. Even with recover (which has a cooldown) you would still need to pray to RNG because his minions have chance to poison and he has this hard hitting bleed attack that will kill you very fast if he decides to use it. You probably have next to no chance if he procs bleed on you, because your potions and recover only give about 300HP which is not enough. Anyway if you beat this boss you can go to the town and enjoy the scenery, do some sidequests. I think it looks pretty good.

Though, one of the sidequests was LOL. Would you give four MAT+5 stat boosters to some guy for 500G?
I know where you got the Title Radiant Blade from, the default editor's skill itself.
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