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Second Death is a survival roguelike, taking place in an island off Cuba’s coast in the 1950’s. You must scrape together food, shelter, and equipment to make the ascent from a beach to reach a volcano’s peak.

Along with acquired talents and crafted items, your dexterity can turn the tide of battle. Tapping at the right moment on a strike can score a critical hit, while swiping through enemy attacks can trigger a counter blow.

With 5 complementary skill trees, a multitude of craftables, and randomly generated items, terrain, and events, each play through Second Death presents new opportunities and challenges.

Latest Blog

Greenlit on Steam! Final demos are out!

Hey all! Thanks to those of you who helped get Second Death Greenlit on Steam. It was unreal to see the notice in my inbox that the game made it through the queue. It's not on the Steam Store yet because I'm waiting on Game Maker to fix their Mac export -- it's currently throwing up a warning on players' screens that the app is made by an unidentified developer (not true). Hopefully a final Mac version will be ready shortly.

Check the downloads section for the final demo releases! These demos include revamped graphics (see screenshot below), lots of new surprises, and full access to the first and second areas of the game. It's also quite a bit easier -- I've received some feedback that the game was too punishing, so this should be a better middle ground. Hope you like it!

Also: If you'd like to pick up the full game before it's out on Steam, it's available over on itch.io right now: https://ewagstaff.itch.io/second-death You can find iOS and Android versions there too!

  • Production
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  • Drakonais
  • Game Maker Studio
  • Strategy RPG
  • 11/02/2014 05:41 PM
  • 07/21/2016 03:51 PM
  • 06/15/2015
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Nice to see this up, at last. :>
On the front page, I thought this was an American Psycho RPG xD

I am 100% satisfied with that first impression.
On the front page, I thought this was an American Psycho RPG xD

That would be amazing.
*Deeply Thinking*
On the front page, I thought this was an American Psycho RPG xD

Welp... looks like I spoke too soon XD !
Looks like RPG mixed with survival. Interesting!
from title, the first impression is "wow, I must download and try it."
The game looks very interesting and the overall idea is terrific.
Unfortunately I have a problem with surviving the night. The Horror's are killing me every time, I'm not able to take even half of their hp. This is a bit of annoying, but maybe I do not get something... Today I try to live through the night without sleeping, maybe this will spring a solution into my mind...
Thanks for commenting -- I've heard this a lot, so in the next version the Horrors will have 50% less HP. Enemies will also be more likely to drop weapons and armor if they haven't dropped one yet. Hope that makes the first couple nights easier to survive.
Well it turned out be not that hard as I thought, when I picked some levels, and droped stuff (rarely, but enemies doo drop interesting pasts of armor...) I was able to survive. The key factor was also to learn how to block attacks during the fight...:)
I've finished the demo, it was GREAT! I do wait for the full version!
Shame that you are only permited to reach 11 lvl in the demo...
I 've had some problems after the fights - 2x crashes

And once I was not able to leave an area - nopthing was happening like I would hit a wall.
I'm reating to max and waiting:)
Thanks for your work!
Thanks for the bug report! Extremely strange, since obj_display_pickup_info and obj_start_controller have nothing to do with each other. You said this error happens right after battle? Does any item drop first?

Great to hear you were able to get more familiar with the game. It's definitely not easy, glad to hear you were able to finish it.

Sorry for the level 11 cap, I needed some extra time to make sure the talents beyond that were working properly. Game releases in January, hope you'll check it out!
I do not recall seeing any item. The battle ended, I saw the background and the error pops up. I suppose that it shoved when the items should appear, but I cannot say it for sure - it happened quick.

On the present moment I must say that the difficulty level was okay, I just wanted to play it slow, give myself time to create stuff and then go hunting... Now I know that the game is set for different passe and I cannot say that there is anything wrong about that.

I don't know if the enemies should not respawn over 2-3 days? -it would made some things easier (leveling and gathering resources) and some harder (using up weapons, gear and resources)...

As for the skills at the stats the first impresion is that they realy may be creating too little help.. But when I combined some of them (I've played few times and I've felt the change after using around 5-6 points on skills) then a synergy shows and change is significant:)
I'm wondering about "Friendly face" skill - I hopped that it may be something like "The Mysterious Stranger" in Fallout2 -someone who will appear during a fight to help you;) but I suppose that's it's about those randomly seen villagers who can trade something or lend you a campfire etc.?

I got another error, it showed after talking with the village chief after completing the last task in story mode. I've stepped out of the cabin and the error comes. When I use "load" option in the game menu it appears instantly.

I will wait for sure, January is not long to wait and the story got me! I hope that there is a lot more to find out!:)
Enemies will have a 50% respawn chance in the next version! I do want players to be able to gather more resources.

In the demo, Friendly Face actually increases the chance of befriending wolves, and the XP your wolf ally gains from battle. Not to spoil anything, but you can try throwing some meat like Taniella does at the start!

Really interested to hear what talents you thought were most useful. What were your favorite skill combinations?
Talents which I have used probably will not be unique, I were focusing heavily on the survival part...
For me the absolute must was "Rope a dope" -wanted to have the counter ability as fast and to counter as much as possible.
Next stop for me was the "Soft spot" -I was doing good on scoring criticals and every point of damage seem to realy matter.
...and if we are talking about damage, "Reversal" was also in use because those counterattacks did annoyingly poor damage:P compared to a critical;)
At the beginning of my adventure with this game, when I was having problems
intercepting the enemies attacks I also tried "Like a butterfly" and "Tough as nails" - both of them was helpful:)
Occasionally I went for the "poacher".

As for those "bonuses"(?) given after reaching new level, when you have to decide which one from 3 gifts you would like, I was choosing:
-shelter defence upgrade against horror's -almost always;
-food points bar extension -secondly, behind the above. That one is really useful!
-research(?) increasing the chance of producing more advanced gear - In the third place.
Almost never I've chosen extra carry weight or random ore, although I would sure use some extra carry weight;)

Two things I was able to handle/manage:
1. adrenaline -I had to little AP stacked?
2. Abilities(???): glancing shot, smolder, headsplitter etc. -I have the scrolls, SP's but I still dunno how to build/learn(?) them...:/

Yeah I'm wondering if I should make Adrenaline usable by spending HP if your AP is low. I know it's hard to get enough AP, especially if you're also using the Rush ability.

All of those are battle skills you can use by pressing the top button when it's your turn to attack. I suppose I should call them 'Battle Skills' instead of 'Manuals' since that's a lot more descriptive!
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