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Age: 35
Class: Detective
Main weapon: Revolver
Secondary weapon: Sap gloves
Character Brief: The main character of the game. A private detective, and a very good one. His way of thinking changes a lot when he meets Sebastian. He gets to know things that he wouldn't think they would be possible, such as the existence of ghosts. He's precise, calm, methodic and rational. He lost his wife many years ago.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 185lbs
Skin tone: slightly tanned
Body type: Muscular, but not robust
Appearance: Jean is from french origin. He's tall, and he's active physically, his job demands it. His face is more straight, thin eyebrows and lips. His hair is white, wavy and short to medium in length. For protection, he wears a kevlar suit. He wears a long white trench coat, gray pants, and black shoes. He's somewhat fashionable. He always carries his .45 revolver colt. Even tough he's well protected, he likes to keep a distance from his enemies, even though he's capable of delivering a devastating blow with his sap gloves when the situation demands it.


Age: 21
Class: ?
Main weapon: Katana-Machete
Secondary weapon: none (he performs energy blasts)
Character Brief: Little is known about him since he does not remember his past. One of the main arguments of the game is to uncover the mystery of Sebastian's life. He's strange, sometimes aggressive; irrational by Jean's standards. He's a telepath, can move physical objects with his mind, sometimes he can disappear.

Height: 5'10
Weight: 160lbs
Body type: slim to muscular
Skin tone: pale
Appearance: He has black shoes, blue jeans, a red shirt and a black jacket. He's more fragile than Jean, but when he hits, he hits hard. Unlike Jean, who has a vest for protection, he only has his regular outfit. He has medium (in terms of length) wavy brown hair. His face is more rounded rather than straight, and his eyebrows are slightly bushy. Lips are more robust. He has no facial hair. He can concentrate energy with his hands and throw a form of energy.
His blade is a functional blade and tool called the Katana-Machete.