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About the story

  • Pulits
  • 03/31/2015 05:50 PM
It's been a while since I don't publish an update. But don't worry, the game is still going.

Today I want to share how the story of Echoes of The Mind is being developed. The reason of why I didn't finish the game six years ago was because I did not make a script.

I had an idea of what I wanted the game to be off, but not a script. I knew it would be an action-horror game, I also knew who the main characters were and some settings, and that was it. When I finished the menu and battle systems I was clueless of what I should do next.

After a while I lost motivation and production were halted.

Now it's a different story, the script is in full production too and it's doing great. I believe that a video game script is one of the most important aspects of video game development, not only RPG's. Even "old" games such as the first Super Mario for the NES have a script.

One of the differences between a movie script and a video game script is that video game scripts are driven by choices and objectives, and not always by a sequence.

The writer who is in charge of finishing the story is very talented, be sure to check his work out.

These links provide a more in-depth analysis and examples.

Under this logic, this is how our script is being developed:

Example script 1

Example script 2

Stay tuned for more updates!


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Oh, yes, what you say sounds very familiar to my current writing on Nihilo. Having said that, I generally have flowchart-style writing only for the actual dialogue trees; when it's to do with area/item description, I tend to just wait for my partner, Giznads, to develop the area of a game and send me a screenshot/demo. Then I label all of the objects in the screenshot, Ctrl + V it in Word and write descriptions underneath. Whatever works, I guess.
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