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You are Jonathon Miller. Today you woke up under a storm cloud in the courtyard of a massive castle. You don't know how you got there, and your only clue is an invitation in your pocket, beckoning you to visit Castle Red.

The castle is vast and empty, but there are a few others roaming the halls. Others like you, brought to the castle under mysterious circumstances. Each holding an invitation.

The worms are in the walls.

Praise be.


Castle Red is a Survival Horror game created with RPG Maker VX Ace. It is my first Ace project, and features a simple stealth system (the Trace Stealth System created for VX by Prof. Meow Meow, and converted to VXA by LiTTleDRAgo) and a lighting system (Khas Awesome Lighting Effects by Khas Arcthunder). Throughout the game you will explore a massive castle, solve puzzles, interact with various characters, evade monsters, and try to solve the mysteries of Castle Red.

Featuring a branching story with six possible endings!

Latest Blog

Announcing Castle Red 2!

I'm pleased to announce Castle Red 2: Subservience, expected to release in late 2015, hopefully by Christmas!

The game's official RMN page should appear here sometime over the next day or so.

I'd like to thank everyone who played the original Castle Red, both those who enjoyed it and those who didn't. I'd especially like to thank those who provided feedback to me; your critiques have been invaluable in helping me craft this sequel. Thank you.
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  • 11/12/2014 08:28 PM
  • 12/09/2019 09:12 PM
  • 11/28/2014
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Good-in-general-survival-horror-game that for me it was a curious mixed bag of feelings. For this I'm gonna divide my humble review in 2 parts:

With what the creator wrote some comments above he seems to be a into the horror thing. I love the "trapped with strangers somewhere and need to escape" sub-genre, and the author too. How you have the control of all your actions and also the way some characters may address to you. The idea of a conspiracy or some kind of bizarre cult going on and how you get into that. And sympathizing even more with your character, Jonathon, by reading his personal thoughts. Immersion at his best. Also the idea of from being at first in a gigantic castle but at some point seeing yourself killing dogs in hanging gardens. And of course, the space-and-time manipulation clearly viewable when some guys tell you "hey, It was a while since we met". I really really liked the idea of that surreal atmosphere in all the game.


I remember when I started and there were those guys with the bloody eyes and I was like, what the hell? It's so sudden.
The scenarios are so damn huge, corridors, rooms, empty rooms with nothing than boxes... I don't think those things were made to make a horrifying atmosphere. It was so tedious.
I have some problems with my character:
-Why does he wear an armor?
-Is it necessary to listen to the sounds that he makes wherever I go?
-Is he a granny by some reason? Because he walks slowly AF
I've read about this last point that was made for making the player feel vulnerable. But to be honest the only thing that was vulnerable was my patience.

You seems to be a good guy with a clearly defined and well structured story ready to be fitted into a game, but honestly, I don't think that the "rpgmaker" engine would make that possible. Maybe if you try... I don't know, Unreal Engine or Unity It will work. And believe me when I say that Castle Red, into a TV-Show format would be marvelous! It would be awesome to see those parasite zombies.

Total Time: Almost 4H

P.S.: Now I'm looking for the secuel. I've seen some images and It looks very cool!

P.S.: I'll drop this for anyone interested-
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