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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who went by the name of Powder. However, despite her splendor, the princess was very sad. The princess was in love with a prince. But, their love was forbidden. She fought for him with all her might, but was locked away in an impossibly high tower by her own father, the King. Still, her spirit was not broken. She knew she would break free of her imprisonment, and see her love again someday...

Daniel was a lowly man who grew up in the slums of a big city. However, through a stroke of pure luck, Daniel gets his own golden ticket of opportunity after against all odds, he wins the lottery. Life is looking up, he is finally able to move away from the city and into a fantastical house deep in the forest... However, his luck is cut short when he finds himself trapped within his own home, becoming more and more intertwined in a terrifying local legend. Now Daniel's only hope of escape is to crack a mystery that's been buried for years...

Nostalgica: An Old World Passes is split into two halves. In one, you play a video game within a game titled Princess Powder, where you must escape a grand tower within 24 days and reunite with true love. However, the tower is dangerous, littered with many traps, puzzles, and beasts. Can love conquer all?

In the other half, you join Daniel, trapped in his own home that's slowly shifting into a nightmare. Local legends are coming true, and the only way he can escape their agonizing wrath is to crack a mystery that's been untouched for decades. He must avoid succumbing to the powers of darkness with specific rituals, and fight back against the forces trying to evade his home, all while collecting clues and forming strategies to protect his new home.

-Original art
-Original music
-Multi-branching story-line, with multiple ending points and completely different areas and situations based on your gameplay choices.
-A series of collectible strange relic video & cassette tapes that unlocks grainy video files and audio recordings.
-Number of easter eggs, secrets, and hidden areas.

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What I'm a bit concerned about is if I'll be able to get it down by the 16th, which is my goal as I will be gone for a few weeks after that and won't be able to work on it, but it's a bit of a small project, so we shall see. Did get more progress done today though, so I'm happy.
The princess' hair is the best feature of this game :oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

so beautifully drawn and flowwwwyyyyyyyyy i need to play this amg
Those graphics are neat! New subscriber :)

I also love the name "Powder", I've used it before for one of my sims 3 characters, haha
Game unfortunately will end up having to be delayed, few things came up and still segments to design and such. As I'm travelling into mid/late January, pushing it to the end of February, though it may very well end up finished before them.

To somewhat make up for this, uploading the games music that's been completed so far.
I volunteer to be a tester, if you need one at some stage.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
So did this ever get back on track?
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