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Well... What can I say... Umm... *blush*
I shouldn't really be doing this. I should be focusing on something else instead. But let's let this be my 42084th game submission to RMN... At least it's (barely) playable!

Control five heroes (because I didn't make a party recruitment system yet lol haha) as they battle their way through the quest to enter the tower that connects worlds. Or something like that, I think.

This is a remake of Final Fantasy Legend, also known as Makai Toushi SaGa, for the GameBoy color. My idea here isn't really to remake the game and all that zazz, as I think that's rather silly. Instead, I just want to see how close can I get to the original using my current RPG Maker skills! So, while playing this you'll (probably) never see the inside of the tower. It's only playable until Gen-Bu, and it'll probably be so. Anyway. It's playable, ahahahaha.

As soon as I learn some RGSS, I'll use this project as practice, and try to replicate the game through it. That's kinda far in the future, though. I'm hopeless when it comes to coding.

Square-Enix for making Final Fantasy Legend.
Yanfly, Kread-ED and Joe Pro for scripts. And that's it.

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Happy Birthday!

Although this is not an announcement or anything, and due to personal reasons I've been a little far from RPG Maker during these last few weeks, let's celebrate SaGa's 25th birthday!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!

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Ah the memories! I played the game on the Game Boy as a kid and really enjoyed its challenge. I'll definitely give this a try.
You're magical to me.
Yeah, ditto. Nostalgia pretty much requires me to give this a play ;)
Ahahah, it makesh me happeh! >w<'
Don't be too disappointed! /';-;)/
Giving it a try right now.
It seems the Red Meats can only turn the monster into an Albatross. Is that intended?
No, I can't figure why it happened! When I look at the code, it just seems right. It's pretty much the same code for all the types of monsters!

EDIT: Oh. my. god.
I'm so stupid.

EDIT: Fixed, and changed in the download!
Gonna give it a try

Edit: The meat bug makes Ririr useless, and I don't want 2 humans in my team because they are very costly

I'll wait for you to fix Ririr and add custom teams
I fixed Ririr already! :D
But I won't be adding custom teams anytime soon! Because I'd have to change a LOT of code, so I'm still figuring how to do it in a clean way! I'm trying to make my codes as clean as possible, hehehe :D
But I'm happy that you're looking forward to play it! Thanks! <3
It means a lot! ^.^

How do you gain EXP?
Also it seems the price at an inn goes up and down.
I'm not staff anymore, so please don't ask me about that,especially game engine related stuff.
How do you gain EXP?
Also it seems the price at an inn goes up and down.

You dont gain EXP, just stat gains as far as I can tell, like the original FFL. the inn cost is based on how much healing your party needs.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
This is a remake of Final Fantasy Legend, also known as Makai Toushi SaGa, for the GameBoy color.

I'm not at all familiar with this entry in the Final Fantasy series. What makes it special?
author=Max McGee
This is a remake of Final Fantasy Legend, also known as Makai Toushi SaGa, for the GameBoy color.
I'm not at all familiar with this entry in the Final Fantasy series. What makes it special?

It's actually part of the Saga series (Saga Frontier, Romancing Saga, etc.) but was marketed as FF outside of Japan to boost sales.
One of the most memorable feature are monster party members who can turn into other monsters by eating meat randomly dropped at the end of battle.
I'm not at all familiar with this entry in the Final Fantasy series. What makes it special?

Three differents classes: Humans, Espers and Monsters

Humans get stronger with items (HP200 increases HP, some itemes increase strentgh and agility)

Espers randomly get stats up after a battle, they can use magic too

Monsters can eat meat which transforms the monster, you can even transform in some bosses
Ohhhh...you feed that mysterious RED MEAT to monsters...is RIRI a monster Skeleton?
I had wondered that there arent EXP levels but rather Stat updates....which you dont even know you have unless you look and see an extra spell added. Thanks to Zeigfried above.
I got two crash bugs when entering the sword and armor castles:

Unable to find Graphics/Parallaxes/SwordCastle_1
Unable to find Graphics/Parallaxes/Armor_Castle1

I was able to fix them on my own by creating said folder and files though.

The Espers are so overpowered! It's fine though because the Humans' growth requires tremendous amounts of money. And Ririr does feel pretty useless.
Overall, so far I really like what you've done with the game.

And the Shield King's sprite is already dead if I go in before the event has been activated.
Steward's death pose is another sprite's.
I first went to the Armor King after having saved the girl and he doesn't give me the Armor. I'm stuck here.
I get the same bugs but figured the demo didnt allow them to be entered....although 20/20 it wouldnt be a crash bug....thanks Avee for pointing it out.

In my case and perhaps a few others, I dont know anything about over riding problems by going into the folders,etc and fixing it myself. No wonder I feel as if I am just wandering around trying to figure out whats next. I hope the fix for these bugs doesnt mean the saves wont work.
BTW with all these RED MEATS...how do I use them? Do I use them in battle?
I honestly didn't expect so many people to play it >.>
Umm, well, I've uploaded a new version, where monsters have overall more magic defense to slightly tone down the mutants... And I've fixed the parallax bug! But yeah, Ririr is weally weak. Balancing isn't so good, because I wanted to preserve the original numbers. Which isn't so interesting. I'm not sure if I should futurely rebalance it, since I want to better emulate the features of FFL later, as I learn RGSS... Mmm.

But I'm happy that you all played it. Thanks! Hahaha :D

I kinda feel like doing some sort of homage game to FFL, like they do with Touhou...

(for instance, a Touhou homage to Valkyrie Profile: )

EDIT: About the RED MEAT, you use it in the menu on Ririr. Upon leaving the menu, he'll be changed into a new monster, gaining permanent stat boosts + a change in overall stats/skills.
I actually thought about that and did try to use it on him several times and I havent seen any sort of change. I have about 30 of the meats....will he progress each time i use one on him or is it a progressive thing you can do?
He will progress everytime you use it! However, make sure to leave the menu inbetween so the game can compute. The game can't change the character's stats inside the menu, so using it all at once will be useless. Also, the very first version I uploaded was bugged; The monster would always be an Albatross. If you are in that version, make sure to downlad the new one and import the save!

By the way, the stronger monsters drop the stronger Grand Meat, which transformers into stronger monsters. When you transform to a stronger monster for the first time, you gain a nice permanent stat-boost as well! not as nice as it should be, though

One problem I figured on having a reserve party on a game like this: Monsters and Humans don't get anything by battling. They need meat and money, respectively, to become stronger. As such, the character in the reserve will always be either a human or a monster. That's a problem.
Looking forward to the new dl....tonight or tomorrow maybe?
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