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Well... What can I say... Umm... *blush*
I shouldn't really be doing this. I should be focusing on something else instead. But let's let this be my 42084th game submission to RMN... At least it's (barely) playable!

Control five heroes (because I didn't make a party recruitment system yet lol haha) as they battle their way through the quest to enter the tower that connects worlds. Or something like that, I think.

This is a remake of Final Fantasy Legend, also known as Makai Toushi SaGa, for the GameBoy color. My idea here isn't really to remake the game and all that zazz, as I think that's rather silly. Instead, I just want to see how close can I get to the original using my current RPG Maker skills! So, while playing this you'll (probably) never see the inside of the tower. It's only playable until Gen-Bu, and it'll probably be so. Anyway. It's playable, ahahahaha.

As soon as I learn some RGSS, I'll use this project as practice, and try to replicate the game through it. That's kinda far in the future, though. I'm hopeless when it comes to coding.

Square-Enix for making Final Fantasy Legend.
Yanfly, Kread-ED and Joe Pro for scripts. And that's it.

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Happy Birthday!

Although this is not an announcement or anything, and due to personal reasons I've been a little far from RPG Maker during these last few weeks, let's celebrate SaGa's 25th birthday!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!

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I'm quite interested in this project, since I always loved the game as a kid.

If you hug the edge of Shield Castle, outside, you can circle around and enter the Escape Room. May want to fix that. A door that can only be unlocked from inside, at least.

Also, I keep running into a crash. When I exit the menu right after saving, sometimes the game will crash if I hit Shift right after. It doesn't seem to occur if I wait a couple seconds before moving. It happened once in Base Town and twice on the world map.

There's definitely some balance issues that could use addressing, but it's too be expected with the project so early in development. MP maximums and costs could use some serious overhauls. Espers are speedy and pack a LOT of magic, and I had the good fortune of one of mine learning P-Blast. He always acts first in battle and despite only being 5 MP, he hits for 110~ damage per target on a trio of zombies.

Earning the 500 G for my first HP200 was a pain, but it doubled my female human's HP. Quite a nice surprise. The 300 G I dropped on a couple of strength ups weren't quite such a pleasant surprise, as she's up to 19 STR, but the male esper has 18 for free.

And of course monsters start out terrible. This is no surprise, since they started poorly on the Gameboy, too. I like the dynamic of them starting off really weak, but paying off in the long run when they got their awesome forms.

The lack of descriptions on a lot of items and skills can get a little problematic, but again, it's understandable due to how young the game is. I also noticed that Stench is referred to as Electro when you cast it.

Uh... Sorry if this post is huge. I can be a little verbose.

But anyway, I'm looking forward to more.
I have a suggestion of using Final Fantasy sprites from newer games like FFIV complete collection or any of the newer remakes. I don't know where I would find them though. I've seen them around. Great job though! I just finished FFL a while ago and even replayed on Wonderswan Color. Very nostalgic game.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Your game's tagline is pretty much the precise opposite of clickbait, which got me to click on it. My brain is wired wrong.

I still have the game boy cartridge for this game...
Wow, I guess everyone's working on SaGa clones these days. Neat.
Party building, however, not so much as of yet!
I guess I'll have to wait until it is possible, do you have any estimated time? what if you do it with events , then you put it in scripts

It's 5AM and I'm eventing a party-building system. Yeah.
Whatever. >.>
Well, it's there! Now you can build your own 4-hero party! And you can re-choose the first 3 at any moment, just like the original game! But beware: If someone dies, it's 5 times their HP to revive them, now. Or, you know, you can start them over.


(big warning because I don't want to waste nobody's time >:)
Party building, however, not so much as of yet!

I guess I'll have to wait until it is possible, do you have any estimated time? what if you do it with events , then you put it in scripts
I thought about making a fan-remake-thing too!
For the monsters, are you using the original "formulae"/chart thing?

Anyway! Cheers!
Certainly! Originally I was going to give them personalities and make a story about how the RTP and FFL's worlds bleeded and meshed together or something like that, but I won't. It's too much work, I'd rather use that work on an original project hahah xD
As such, naming will probably be possible in the next version. Party building, however, not so much as of yet!
You're magical to me.
Any possibility that we might be able to name our heroes in a later version? :D
Thanks! I'm making some pixel art for the new enemies ahaha
Yeah, maybe I'll take a few liberties... It's fun! I'll see what I can do to make it feel right. I still want to practice my RGSS with it, though.
Lol at the tower's door when I have the Sphere.

The game's a nice throwback. Maybe it could be interesting to take more liberties and change more things? I know I had a few ideas for a remake a while ago.
But it's really up to you to decide what you want to do with this project. I'd be happy to play an upcoming version with extra enemies.
Good job on this so far :)
Just added a new version! That meat bug was fixed. Now Ririr is stronger! All his monsters now also have unique abilities. And he learns a few permanently too!
HEAL spell aded to the Esper array of magic.
About King Shield, however, I can't really understand why would it freeze. If you want, you can send me a save file, so I can analyze it closely.
FileSnack should do the trick.

Next version I'll add some new, secret monsters! Stronger than Gen-Bu! Hehe
I got King Shield last and it replays and then freezes.
Also when I use RED MEAT on Ririr he only has skeleton, albatross,zombie...whether I use a Grand meat or the regular.
Ooooh! Yeah, you did it out of order. That's why. >.<
I don't think you could do it in the original game!
I'll be just locking King Sword's room for until you beat King Armor, then. If you wanna get the armor, just testplay, f9, set the Plot variable to 1 and talk to the king. It should do the trick.
So the only thing left now is defeating Gen-Bu!
I went to see King Shield first, then beat Bandit, beat King Sword, Beat Steward, and finally go see King Armor.
Hey @Avee, did you beat King Sword before talking to King Armor? That'd have advanced the plot. I don't want to use switches because since the plot is linear, I prefer to use a single variable. It's cleaner this way.
I'll be upping a fix soon enough! Also with a slightly revamped Ririr and stronger bosses. :D

EDIT: Also, if I used switches, previous saves would no longer work.

EDIT2: So, a fixed download will be up an healthy as soon as possible. Just wanna make sure this is the problem. If it is so, I've made a conditional that'd have solved it!
Dont step on your dick now, buddy! Youll start making mistakes you wouldnt have.
On the other hand, Avee is right. Youre pretty quick in replying and fixing bugs as they are brought to your attention.
Waiting (im)patiently for the newest fix so I can dl and continue playing.
Ah I think the Steward's bug happens if I talk to him from the sides or back, thus altering his direction and his sprite ID.

Yes, the Armor King keeps saying "Thank You" and so does the "girl" at his side.
Using a switch after having defeated the bandit should solve the problem ^^
-The Shield King's sprite is already dead if I go to the throne room before King Sword has been defeated.
-Steward's death pose is another sprite's (minor issue).
That's odd. Because in editor it's like this:

So it should be fine! :v
-I first went to the Armor King after having saved the girl and now he won't give me the Armor. I'm stuck here.
That's even odder! There's nothing that could possibly move the plot forward. What does the king say? Does he say "Thank you." repeatedly? Because if so, it means that something moved the plot... Which I can't really understand, because the only event that could move the plot to 2 would be the own very king >.>
It's probably something stupid, maybe you moved it to 3 or 4, I shouldn't make it variable based if you can do things out of order x.x

Shall fix as soon as I figure it out. Thanks!
And um yeah, I do care! >.< And it makes me so, so happy that people are playing!
Thank you very much >..<
In case you missed my earlier edit:
-The Shield King's sprite is already dead if I go to the throne room before King Sword has been defeated.
-Steward's death pose is another sprite's (minor issue).
-I first went to the Armor King after having saved the girl and now he won't give me the Armor. I'm stuck here.

Thanks for the quick fixes everytime :) You care for your projects and it shows.
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