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Happy Birthday!

Although this is not an announcement or anything, and due to personal reasons I've been a little far from RPG Maker during these last few weeks, let's celebrate SaGa's 25th birthday!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!


New Download! (again)

Aaaalrighty! It's playable until the WHITE SPHERE :D
Umm... G-good luck? I hope you like it ;_;
It's still very unpolished, but a lot better than the last version! The changelog is on the downloads page, though it doesn't account for all the changes.

As always, critique, feedback and testing are moooooooooooore than welcome! Thank you! <3

Progress Report

HD monsters

HDing the monsters from the original game!

I did not use the original graphics as base; Instead I used the WSC version. Basically, I've added a XBRx3 filter to the monsters, and then drawn over them! Check these other three! :D

I hope you enjoy the new sprites. :3

Progress Report

Dead Ends

I have just finished the second World. It happened to me, I've never seen a game with such an amount of dead ends as Final Fantasy Legend. As such, it gives me so much room for expansion! Almost all dead ends will feature bonus content, now... ^w^
You'll see when you play it. What was once an extremely frustrating slap on your face will now be home to lots of bonus stuff. Enemies scaled accordingly, of course, so technically the game will be a lot harder, now! I think that the final boss will probably have 5 times more Hp... But it'll be fun. Haha
I'll be posting more as soon as I get home, got to go to work. But anyway, I'm not sure if I should post another demo after wrapping up World 2, or get a couple of beta testers and holding the release until the game is actually finished. ;w;

We'll see. TY for reading, and TY for playing! ~ <3


New version!

New version out, all pumped-up. Probably this pumping brought some new bugs to the table, too.
added a few Hime and Kread-EX scripts, starting with...

- Actor Inventory, just like the original game -- now you have to choose between equipping yourself properly or bringing items to battle.
- Durability (though for reasons unknown it`s not working on weapons, gosh) just like the original game... Except now on armor too! Yeah! I`m so nice, ain`t I? Love me!
- Item Affixes / random affixes. Now your equipment is a lot more interesting -- and random!

Added a few cosmetic Yanfly scripts as well, to adapt to the new types of items.
Added 2 optional bosses. Both are random encounters on the world map, though one is on a single, though rather obvious tile, and the other one is on a very, very far square of 9x9 tiles. Somewhere where players won't usually go. Good luck.
Ha, haha.

And dazzit. :D
Good luck with da geemu, have fun! ;w;)b <3
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