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DoA is a combination of classic old-school dungeon Crawler with modern RPG elements and tactical combat. Within the DoA gameplay you can move in several major GUI options, which will put particular emphasis on the feasibility and credibility of the world of fantasy, as far as possible

Picture 1 – ART – mountain village Manto

The basic GUI is as so: Exploring your location while you browse the DoA world from the first-person perspective, as it is known in the old dungeon Crawler habit. The GUI will perform many non-combative activities – exploration, opening chests, finding secret entrances, interacting with NPCs, collecting herbs, and lots more.

The second GUI you will encounter is traveling around the map. Nowadays it is widely advertised and very popular to use the “open world game”, but we decided to form locations, as is used in many of the games you will know eg. Fallout from games or Baldur’s Gate. Thus, we can free up vast resources that we can use to create better and more interesting locations. Of course, while traveling within these areas, the player may come across a plethora of random encounters that will create the necessary atmosphere.

Another interesting GUI management will be the sleep – camp. In this GUI, you can set what your entourage will be doing while resting, which is then reflected in the different characteristics of each character.

Perhaps the most important and at the same time our greatest challenge is the DoA GUI fight. This GUI will combine an ISO-metric view and perspective. Here the GUI places the highest demands on reality. We don’t want the player to get frustrated with something he wants to do in the game that it does not allow him to do. Another major attraction of our game is the battlegrounds (with few exceptions), which are not prepared in advance, but will be placed precisely where the players meet the enemy character. That whatever the player sees in the GUI explore mode will surround him in the GUI fight.

Picture 2 – Logo of DoA with info about KickStarter campaign

Dungeons of Aledorn will be a mix of puzzles, dialogues, tactical combat, quests, performances and, ultimately, a quality RPG system. The game is designed for hard-core gamers and gamers looking for a challenge. DoA itself was inspired by several prominent games in the genre. Namely: Betrayal at Krondor, Realms of Arcania: Shadows over Riva, Might & Magic, Kings Bounty and Fallout.

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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
So I assume the locations are going to be still pictures with "Go here/check this" options instead of maps to actually traverse?
So I assume the locations are going to be still pictures with "Go here/check this" options instead of maps to actually traverse?

No! the locations will be full free world which you can walk thrugh in first person look mode. You can explore the location and click on everything to interact with it. For example you can search through the barrels or wooden boxes etc. Traveling trough the world is made very similar way like in Baldur's gate or Fallout. You will click on the map on destination and you will appear on the location. Location than will be switched in to FPS mode so you can go and explore that location.
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