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The Legacy of the Fallen, powers far beyond the comprehension of man. These are the machinations that govern the ebb and flow of reality. Twisted, corrupt high entities work to maintain the flawed cycles of life purely for their own indulgence. A flawed cycle that is fueled by human suffering, unbeknownst to man kind.

An idealistic youth, who by chance is drawn into a terrifying dilemma will set forth a chain of events that will alter the fabric of reality. A youth who; for better or for worse will have an impact on the lives of every living thing on the planet.

The first half of the "Legacy" story; Demon Legacy features precisely balanced battles, puzzle based theme dungeons, and highly story driven game play.

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  • Completed
  • Nightblade
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 09/02/2008 09:03 PM
  • 07/09/2022 03:24 AM
  • 09/02/2008
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Yeah this game was awesome to play. About time it's on here.
Is this the same Demon Legacy that was released way back on GW, or an updated one? I think the old one I have is like Demon Legacy 2.0 or something. If this one is newer or different(don't remember Orion) I'm definitely downloading this.
It is the finished version. I never named anything 2.0; but if you don't remember Orion; I can safely say that this is completely different from anything you remember.
First of all, this game is absolutely excellent. However, I encountered one strange error. When I was in Deimos' lair, after finishing the rock throwing puzzle, my keyboard got 'jammed' causing the directional pad to freak out. While normally after a while it goes back to normal, I can now not move shade to the right whatsoever, however, in the menu screen, it is the left directional command which isn't working. Any idea of how I can fix this without restarting?
Well Karikasa, I have no idea to be honest...If you want, I could send you a save file that's around where you are right now.

Nah, it figures that 30 seconds later, I figured out that the problem was with my pc. Thanks for the offer though. However, if the party is already at ~ level 30... (Proteus is nearing the aggravation level of Ishutal from legacies of Dondoran in my eyes).
Singlestud, try it again. If it doesn't work, click it one more time right after.

So, was this game completed in 2008?
Any hints on battling Deimos? It continuously generates great amounts of health faster than I can attack. Other than that, the game is magnificent, stupendously enchanting, and has one of the best storylines I've ever seen.
Ack, is there a way to delete my last post? I suppose the "Power of Posting" holds true for everything!
Sorry for the late reply lirake, but if you're still stuck; you need to remove Deimos' regen ability. To do that, use Iris' absorb ability to gain the skill, after that you can purge any buff he gives himself.
nightblade how do you make good games on rpg maker 2003
hello...i like ur game demon legacy much ^^
but i encounter a strange problem
when i come to the point where the PRINCE break from the jail,,,i cannot go up stairs,,,and no where to go,,,
and when i click on the LIGHT just near my cell,,,a sound appear and a QUESTION MARK appear,,,then nothing happen,,
can u tell me how to solove? thx ^^
I just finished Demon Legacy two days ago. Very interesting game, though I have a few minor issues with it.

#1. When I fought the Harbinger (the first solo fight), I had to cheat, not to win the fight mind you, but to LOSE the fight (apparently Slade's level was too high to be killed by the Harbinger's attack). When I subsequently won the battle, I get this lame message and the game goes to the title screen. Why did I have to cheat to LOSE a fight.

#2. The game's ending disappoints (I wanted to beat Shadar), however; if there is a sequel in the works, this is forgiven.

#3. The game is way too easy (of course, this could just mean that my skills are far too advanced for this game).

#4. The game felt more like Demon Legacy, part 1 (see number 2). Is there a sequel, or will I have to make a "likely horrendous" fan game?
Check out Phantom Legacy (also here on RMN). It is still in production, but a demo is out.
Sorry Maverick about the Harbinger thing. There are many things I wish I had made a little more sound in Demon Legacy, the Harbinger being one thing, and the way the final boss works being another. Rest assured that these mistakes and design flaws will never be repeated... And yeah, there is a sequel as Kentona said.
hello,,,would anyone please tell me what to do after the prince has light up the CANDLE??
No need to apologize to one such as myself; at least you managed to create a game worth playing (a feat I still struggle to accomplish, without success so far). I'll try to play the demo when I can. (I have a backlog of over 200 rpgs to play, not to mention my own game project to work on.) I peersonally didn't have a problem with the final boss, especially after playing Blades of Heaven (the name of the boss escapes me, but its evil- and cheapness- shall forever leave its scars upon my confidence.

- The Maverick Phantom,
who hopes that he can finally get the whole "advanced movement" concept working without any of the issues it currently has.
Awesome game. Neat design. The storyline is incredible cool ... yet i`m stuck at the harbinger dungeon at those stars and half-moons (sob sob). can anyone help me ?