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The Legacy of the Fallen, powers far beyond the comprehension of man. These are the machinations that govern the ebb and flow of reality. Twisted, corrupt high entities work to maintain the flawed cycles of life purely for their own indulgence. A flawed cycle that is fueled by human suffering, unbeknownst to man kind.

An idealistic youth, who by chance is drawn into a terrifying dilemma will set forth a chain of events that will alter the fabric of reality. A youth who; for better or for worse will have an impact on the lives of every living thing on the planet.

The first half of the "Legacy" story; Demon Legacy features precisely balanced battles, puzzle based theme dungeons, and highly story driven game play.

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  • Completed
  • Nightblade
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 09/02/2008 09:03 PM
  • 07/09/2022 03:24 AM
  • 09/02/2008
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NVM. I redownloaded it and replayed up to that part, and I just missed that you are supposed to meet him at the cafe.
Are you working on any new games? I'm a huge fan of your work.
First of all, I loved Demon Legacy,Shadar was my Batman, and the length was satisfyingly long and suspenseful. and really want to get started on Phantom Legacy, but there is one thing preventing me from doing so.

I made it to what I believe the final dungeon (the afterlife) about one year ago. I had beaten Loki's brother, who claimed that he could never be truly killed. Anyway,after that, I took a break from the game for a while (that dungeon was some serious stress) and not too long after that, my computer went complooey and was as good as gone. I truly don't feel like redoing the whole 20 hour adventure again with my laptop, but I also do not want to start Phantom Legacy without having finished Demon Legacy. Might you have a save file near that point, or know of a place where I can read up on how the story ends? Thanks, Ichigo Kurisaki.
at the top of the light houes between the two lights you can walk through the gate and walk on the air/backdrop
HELP! I can't lose to harbringer. It only attacks once, leaving me with 69HP. I have unequipped everything and i still can;t advance the story. I win and I go the the opening choice of "new game" etc. Any suggestions?
HELP! I can't lose to harbringer. It only attacks once, leaving me with 69HP. I have unequipped everything and i still can;t advance the story. I win and I go the the opening choice of "new game" etc. Any suggestions?

I´ve been having trouble because i farm like crasy now i can´t get past harbringer because his attack doesn´t kill me T.T can someone help me
Excellent game so far, loving the plot.

For those who need help with the Half-Moon/Circle Block Puzzle, here's the solution.

I´ve been having trouble because i farm like crasy now i can´t get past harbringer because his attack doesn´t kill me T.T can someone help me

You're supposed to lose that fight.
For those of you having trouble with the Harbinger fight, around level 25 or lower will ensure that you will die to his attack.
Lots of people hate Loki more than the final boss. At least once you're done with him the final boss (should be) a breeze... (Providing you didn't over level and bug out the poorly coded encounter, but if Loki is giving you trouble, that's not the case)

Oh snap, what happens if I overlevel? And what level would this bug happen at?
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I'm not able to beat Shadar right now anyway..if I hit the missing animation glitch, let me know wahty' smissing. I want ot see the true ending .
Going to give this game a go before I play Phantom. This looks really interesting.
Finally beat the game, but I gotta admit
I was pretty pissed off Shadar lived
damn bastard. I hope the sequel
gives that guy his just due

I was really hooked on this story. I loved this game alot if one looks passed alot of spelling errors, and at least one semi-major bug I found which takes abit of directional sense to get around. Gameplay is a little rough around the edges during the late stages of the game, but nothing too hard. Use of music was pretty good too.

Also I noticed there was a couple of non-used things in the game..(I think). Some oddities on the world map, towns, and looks like there was unused event(least I think it was).

I give this game a 4.5/5, this game was just plain awesome, I was really surprised. I loved all the main characters except that slimy bastard Shadar.

I almost forgot, there was another bug that stopped a event from happening, but it can be bypassed without a story crasher:

When you get to Shadar's keep, and complete everything in it. As you advance to the last room, you supposed to meet Lelia for the first time, but the event does not trigger, and she is left standing there.

This could have been a RPG-maker issue instead of a game issue, but just something worth noting.
I recently completed the True End on this gem and I have to say that it deserves a LOT more love, a LOT more...! ^^ All-in-all a truly magnificent gem that I love very much, you just earned yourself a permanent fan of this series. :D I'd love to spread the love of this gem in forms of plz icons on DA. If you know DA then you know that people spread images of plzs via icons each plz represents and seeing as how under-loved Demon Legacy is i'd figure i'd do this as a way of spreading the love of this amazing series, i'm sure you won't mind, will you? :)
Help - I am stuck in the forest where you have to sneak past the guards - I cannot figure out how to get them distracted to be able to go over the bridge = I have got the beer for the guy and he gave me a torch but I cannot light it anywhere- many thanks
Wybella, I just got your PM; can you show me a screenshot of where you currently are?
One of the best RPG I have ever played to this day, also the hardest kkkkk but I really loved and got into the story, Sharn is so cute kkkk and I fell in love with Iris, she and the Sharn finished together right? kkkk because it seemed so.
It took me two weeks to win, but two great weeks. Thank you for creating this fantastic game
HAHAHA so all I have to do is purge this d*mn Deimos huh ?
Thanks google I found this site

Just wait till you find out what Deimos REALLY is... >:D ha ha ha ha
author=Maverick Phantom
I just finished Demon Legacy two days ago. Very interesting game, though I have a few minor issues with it.

#1. When I fought the Harbinger (the first solo fight), I had to cheat, not to win the fight mind you, but to LOSE the fight (apparently Slade's level was too high to be killed by the Harbinger's attack). When I subsequently won the battle, I get this lame message and the game goes to the title screen. Why did I have to cheat to LOSE a fight.

Please explain how you cheated to lose the fight because I have the same problem (I'm at level 27 and whatever I do he can't kill me with his attack, and after using it he only uses power rush until he dies and the game ends).
Okay I got past Harbinger by starting over from the beginning and not leveling that much, but I have to ask, how do I beat Proteus? How many hitpoints does the guy have? After I beat the avatar I fought him for many rounds and destroyed his barrier things until he used "relinquish barrier", then I hit him some more, he summoned Odin, I beat Odin, then I fought him for over 100 rounds, and at the point where I had used all 99 of the eldritch elixirs I started with, I figured it was meant to be one of those boss battles you were supposed to lose so I let him kill me but I got a game over.