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The game is all about atmosphere and we wanted to support that by giving the player the opportunity to interact with almost every object at different times during the game. It's about exploration and discovering what is happening around you.

Everything in "Wait" is experienced by a young man, the player knows nothing about.
And it's intended to be that way. You are literally thrown into another man's life and you can find out more about who that man is, by exploring.
His behaviour, his characteristics are slowly revealed through interacting with objects or continuing with the story.

"Wait" is only inspired by the Cthulhu mythos created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, but doesn't actually take place in it.
There are some references here and there, but what was most important to us was the feeling and the atmosphere Lovecraft created in his stories.
We wanted to offer the player a different kind of horror. A horror without jump scares or violent monsters, but with the fear of the unknown and unimaginable.

We plan on hitting Steam Greenlight with our little project soon and hope that people will have as much fun with it as we have making it.

We'll keep you up to date right here, otherwise you can find us on:

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You're magical to me.
This is a nice start, with a tense atmosphere and bits of information being slowly fed to the player.
I like the whole idea in general, looking forward to see it completed!!
Played this DEMO, the full version is on Steam.

Like the synopsis says, you start playing knowing nothing. You get into the shoes of a guy who knows nothing and, like you, ends up being the victim of a series of strange events that happen in his apartment.

The idea is known to everyone. The way the idea has been taken is interesting. Puzzles are simple, terror is appropriate.

It is captivating and once the demo is over, it leaves you with honey on your lips.

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